Dubs, the University of Washington's 13th live mascot, is retiring after this upcoming football season. Now you can meet his successor.

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Introducing: Dubs II, otherwise known as the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

On Friday, National Puppy Day, the University of Washington announced the 14th live mascot in its history. Dubs II, an Alaskan Malamute, will succeed Dubs following the upcoming football season.

But you can get to know him now (and give a pup a follow on Twitter):

More than 90 pups went through the rigorous selection process. The application alone was 11 pages long. Ultimately, the new Dubs emerged from a litter of four born on Jan. 4, chosen by a UW Athletics representative and the current Dubs’ trainer.

In doing so, they kept Dubs in the family: the two share a grandfather.

Some fast facts about Dubs II, via UW Athletics:

  • My favorite toy is a stuffed ducky
  • My hobbies include digging and chewing on sticks and water bottles
  • I’m almost potty trained and already know how to sit
  • I LOVE treats
  • I have three sisters, and they often pick on me
  • I get car sick sometimes, but am trying to get better
  • My favorite colors and purple and gold

Now that is a very good boy.