Players of the game Jets RB Curtis Martin: 134 rushing yards and two TDs. QB Chad Pennington: 253 passing yards, three TDs, 148. 1 passer rating. WR Jerald Sowell: five catches...

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Players of the game

Jets RB Curtis Martin: 134 rushing yards and two TDs.

QB Chad Pennington: 253 passing yards, three TDs, 148.1 passer rating.

WR Jerald Sowell: five catches for 83 yards.

LB Eric Barton: 11 tackles, one sack, one interception, two passes defensed, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery.

Seahawks SS Michael Boulware: team-high 10 tackles.

QB Matt Hasselbeck: 22 of 30 for 201 yards, two TDs and one interception.

Play of the game

The Jets were trying to tack on a few points near the end of the second quarter. They ended up putting this game away. Just after the two-minute warning, Pennington lofted a pass for WR Santana Moss. Thirty-two yards later, the Jets led 24-7, dampening any hopes of a comeback.

Turning point

It wouldn’t be a Seahawks game without a disputed touchdown. That came in the second quarter, when Martin scored/didn’t score from 3 yards out. Officials ruled it good, advancing the Jets’ lead to 17-7, enough to cover the Seahawks’ end margin even then.

Sunday’s surprises

OK, so the Seahawks’ defense is banged up. But it never stopped the Jets. It only forced a missed but makeable field-goal attempt and watched the Jets kneel down on their last drive. The Jets never punted. Seattle P Ken Walter didn’t do much better than Donnie Jones, the rookie he was brought in to replace. Walter averaged 36 yards and a net of only 33.3 yards on three punts.

Injury report

Seahawks: Hasselbeck had X-rays taken on his right elbow. He did not finish the fourth quarter. LB Chad Brown suffered an injury to his left ankle but did not miss any of the game.

Jets: None were reported by coach Herman Edwards.

By the numbers

79: percentage of third downs the Jets converted.

229: Jets rushing yards.

88: Seahawks rushing yards.

1: teams in the AFC East the Seahawks beat this season (Miami).

105-43: margin of three AFC East losses, to New England, Buffalo and New York.

Seahawks vs. Jets
Date Result Key stat
Nov. 13, 1977 Won, 17-0 Seattle’s Zorn 219 yards, 2 TDs
Sept. 17, 1978 Won, 24-17 Seattle Sims 121 yards
Nov. 26, 1979 Won, 30-7 Seattle’s Zorn 285 yards, 3TDs
Oct. 19, 1980 Won, 27-17 Seattle’s Zorn 258 yards
Oct. 25, 1981 Won, 19-3 Seattle’s Brown 104 yards
Dec. 6, 1981 Won, 27-23 Seattle’s Largent 169 yards, 1 TD
Sept. 11, 1983 Won, 17-10 Seattle’s Warner 128 yards, 2TDs
Oct. 27, 1985 Lost, 17-14 NY’s McNeil 151 yards
Nov. 2, 1986 Lost, 38-7 NY’s O’Brien 431 yards, 4 TDs
Nov. 9, 1987 Lost, 30-14 NY’s O’Brien 226 yards, 1 TD
Sept. 8, 1991 Won, 30-13 Seattle’s Kemp 193 yards, 2 TDs
Nov. 26, 1995 Lost, 16-10 NY’s Murrell 116 yards, 1 TD
Aug. 31, 1997 Lost, 41-3 NY’s Graham 100 yards, 2 TDs
Dec. 6, 1998 Lost, 32-31 NY’s Testaverde 418 yards, 2 TDs
Jan. 2, 2000 Lost, 19-9 NY’s Testaverde 158 yards, 1 TD
Dec. 19, 2004 Lost, 37-14 NY’s Martin 134 yards, 2 TDs

Speaker box

“They hit us in the mouth, but we’ll bounce back. We are still playing for the playoffs. We are still fighting and scratching. This was a tough loss, but it was a loss. It counts as one. We have to win the last two.”
— coach Mike Holmgren on the team’s goals

Greg Bishop