All that travel is unfair to students

Amid all the conference realignment developments, something seems missing: a focus on STUDENT athletes.

Maybe the TV contracts should include performance clauses about student mental health, and student academic progress for the teams that are being televised. Maybe the TV contracts should mandate payments to funds for long-term care for student athletes whose injuries appear later in life as a result of their college athletics. Maybe there should be payments of survivor benefits to the players (football, maybe soccer and other sports) who develop CTE.

I was in the UW band and we had a few long trips while school was in session. These were manageable. But I do not see how athletes could stay fully enrolled at a school the caliber of Pac-12 schools and handle road trips of 2,000 miles every other weekend, and even more so during the week.

Stuart Jenner, Normandy Park

Mute button

All I can hear is basketball analyst Bill Walton chiming in on how the Pac-12 is the conference of champions.

I wonder what the former UCLA grad thinks now?

Creig Hamstad, Kenmore

Tradition gone

When tradition takes a back seat to money, you unravel the essence of college football. Not only will USC and UCLA be losers but so will all of college football.

Losing more balance decreases the relevance of the conferences and nullifies rivalries and their bragging rights, etc. — which have been the heart of the tradition (and bowl games) for college football since its inception.


Craig Brewer, Kirkland

Season-ticket holder speaks out

The decision by USC and UCLA is a gut punch of emotions. Having had season tickets for nearly 40 years, Husky football has been an important part of my life.

With NIL, the transfer portal and now the super conferences, college football has become unrecognizable.

Tradition and loyalty are gone. This was the essence of college football. Now we have minor-league football modeled after the NFL. Very sad time to be a fan.

Tero Karhu (online comment)


Rosin worries

Exuberant celebration by Mariners players is great to see, however, the spraying of rosin or powder into the faces (air) is dangerous and should be stopped. This powder can cause eye irritation, clogs lung tissue, and is allergenic.

Gary Kneepkens

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