Splashy trade for pitcher Castillo

You have to give in order to get (“Days before trade deadline, Mariners make major move for their rotation, getting Luis Castillo from Reds”). We get a top pitcher for two playoff runs. You never know about prospects. Good move.

If you are afraid to trade your prospects you will always have a great farm system and a bad major-league team.

MrMagnolia (online comment)

Arms vs. bats

The Mariners’ addition of a top-flight pitcher rather than an offensive destroyer to the roster brings to mind a moldy baseball truism: Good pitching beats good hitting every time.

Tom Likai, Shoreline

Here’s a big bat

Even if the M’s do nothing else, they are getting a bat — and a big boost — when Mitch Haniger returns, which will give them an everyday outfielder with a stronger arm/improved defense in right and another clutch hitter to join Ty France and Julio Rodriguez.

civicinterests (online comment)


Griner’s case

Brittney Griner’s jail sentence for having vape cartridges with cannabis oil in her baggage in Russia are excruciating to read about. Personally I hold the WNBA culpable in not protecting its players, by advising them not to play in Russia. Griner is Black and a lesbian. Russia is a police state without tolerance for gays and lesbians. Money isn’t everything.

Kate Bradley, Sammamish


RIP Bill Russell

Bill Russell often played golf at Jefferson Park, sometimes arriving in his Rolls with his Mr. Bill plates, parked in a prime spot yet never pretentious. He always was a class person and the joking around the practice green was very entertaining.


I had the honor of following his foursome once listening to the banter. The friendly yet intense competition is a treasured memory.

Russell was an outstanding human being who made the world a better place with his presence and actions.

Mitchell Green, Seattle

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