Mongo of “Blazing Saddles” fame can empathize with well-traveled Nationals pitcher Edwin Jackson.

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Mongo lives!

Nationals pitcher Edwin Jackson channeled his inner ogre of “Blazing Saddles” fame to explain how he’s playing for his 12th MLB team in his 15-year career — one team shy of tying Octavio Dotel’s record.

“Sometimes you’re just a pawn, man,” Jackson told Sports Illustrated. “I’ve been traded after bad years. I’ve been traded after a 14-win season. …

“The life of a chess piece. There you go. Because that’s what we are.”


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Out of this world

Thursday marked the 48th anniversary of the first U.S. astronaut to land on the moon.

But why’d they have to come back with Dennis Rodman?

Escorted out

Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze resigned after he phoned an escort service, sparking an investigation that uncovered a “pattern of personal misconduct,” school officials said.

That just might stand as the worst call of the 2017 season.

Some undertaking

Astros players staged a mock funeral Monday for the glove of 40-year-old DH Carlos Beltran, who hadn’t played in the field in two months.

Such events are becoming a habit in Houston. The Astros buried the AL West about a month and half ago.

TSA alert

Woke up in a cold sweat the other night: Dreamt I’d turned on the TV and there was O.J. — driving a white Hertz Bronco through an airport.

Corporate Raider

Marshawn Lynch, Oakland’s favorite homegrown running back, is buying Scend’s Restaurant and Bar, a local soul-food joint, to keep it from closing.

But vehemently denies he plans to rename it Feast Mode.

Putting on the dog

An Auburn fan showed up at SEC media days with his dog painted blue and orange.

No word on whether all his neighborhood hydrants are done up in Alabama colors, too.

Going, going, gone

Ex-pitcher Livan Hernandez has filed for bankruptcy, claiming he has less than $50,000 to show for the $53 million he earned in a 17-year career.

Alert statisticians immediately credited him with a blown savings.

2 under par

The perfect golfing foursome for a par-5 hole? Donald Driver, Chip Kelly, J.J. Putz and Eddie the Eagle.

Bucking the Buckeyes

Former linebacker Chris Spielman is suing Ohio State over the unauthorized use of players’ likenesses.

There went OSU’s plans for Art Schlichter Bobblehead Night.

Costly meal

It seems only fitting that the Red Sox handed corpulent third baseman Pablo Sandoval a $90 million contract, then had to eat nearly half of it.

Color him misguided

Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians revealed he once drank paint as a kid because he thought it’d make it harder to tackle him.

Or, as his pediatrician liked to call to young Arians’ stomach lining, the red zone.

Gone again

Lions defensive end Armonty Bryant got handed a four-game ban for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy — the third time he’s been suspended in less than a year.

Probably not the three-and-out his coaches had in mind.

Trying a different tee

John Elway is planning to try to qualify for the 2018 U.S. Senior Open.

The strongest part of Elway’s game, insiders say, is the drive.

It’s a moose club

An angry moose chased a golfer off the course at Karlstad Golfklubb in Värmland County, Sweden.

At least the course got a new motto out of it: Boxing has its Rocky, we’ve got Bullwinkle.

Talking the talk

• St. Cloud State goaltender Taylor Crosby, younger sister of the Penguins superstar, in her women’s hockey bio: “Personal: Daughter of Troy and Trina Crosby of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia … Older brother Sidney also plays hockey …”

• Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, with a sure sign that early July is a slow time for legitimate sports news: “Arguing whether Kevin Durant was really mad at that Peyton Manning joke on the ESPYs.”

• RJ Currie of, guessing where deposed Knicks president Phil Jackson disappeared to on vacation: “The Bermuda Triangle.”

• Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World Herald, on the marathoner in Maine who outran two bears: “His big concern? That these were Kenyan bears.”

• Janice Hough of, after Pablo Sandoval said “a few teams” were interested in signing him: “Is he talking baseball or competitive eating?”