MADRID (AP) — The Spanish soccer league on Wednesday provisionally gave Javier Tebas another four-year term as its president.

Tebas is expected to be officially appointed later this month if no objections are raised against him.

Tebas’ previous term was set to end in October next year, but he resigned two weeks ago — and immediately made himself a candidate again. He said the move was meant to give the league greater “institutional stability” before negotiating new television rights.

His resignation triggered a new election for a four-year term, but no other candidates ran against Tebas.

The new tender for domestic television rights for the period 2022-25 is set to take place from March to June 2021. Tebas had said the new tender process would be “too close to the electoral period.”

Tebas said the institutional stability was also important as Spain faces government changes that could affect the league and its clubs, and to keep La Liga in a strong position to fight against proposed changes to major European competitions.

Tebas has been in charge since 2013, spearheading a transformation that included the implementation of a centralized sale of television rights and the creation of financial control measures that helped Spanish clubs significantly reduce their debts.


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