Space Needle? Check.

Green and gold? Check.

Basketball motif? Check.

The Storm included the major items that needed to be featured in its new logo, which was unveiled Tuesday morning.

The new look retains the white silhouette of the Space Needle from the previous design that’s now set inside a green and gold outline of a basketball.

The new logo also includes a kelly-green lightning bolt just below the saucer section of the Space Needle, and the top of the design is intended to represent the peak of Mount Rainier.

The long-overdue rebrand updates the team’s iconic and original emblem, which first appeared when the Storm made its WNBA debut in 2000.

The original logo, which had a cartoonish feel, featured the colors green, maroon, bronze and white and took many cues from the design used at that time by its NBA brethren, the former Seattle Sonics.

The Storm adopted the green, gold and white color scheme in 2001 and has maintained its look since.

Merchandise featuring the Storm’s new logo went on sale Tuesday morning at the team’s online store