No doubt Kelsey enjoyed returning to Seattle. Now we wait to see if she can return to her old self.

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There was a boom from the crowd when she was introduced before tip-off. There was a similar eruption when she drilled a three-pointer four minutes into the game. There was even a performance from the Washington marching band at halftime.

Yes, certain moments from Sunday night were reminiscent of Kelsey Plum’s senior year, when she regularly rocked the Hec Ed crowd en route to setting the all-time NCAA scoring record. But after the Storm’s 75-57 drubbing of the San Antonio Stars (0-11), one thing was clear: Plum isn’t in college anymore.

“It’s frustrating. I shoot in the morning. I shoot at night. I shoot in my dreams,” said Plum, who finished with eight points on 2-of-11 shooting Sunday. “And I’m coming from a season in college where I don’t remember missing a lot of shots.”

This can’t be easy for the No. 1 pick. Plum’s rookie year has been the antithesis of what athletes dream about when they’re drafted.

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Just before the season started, she suffered a high-ankle sprain that forced her to sit out for a month. And since returning in late May, her statistics have been equally painful.

Through eight games, Plum is averaging 4.1 points, 1.6 assists and shooting .239 from the field. Thursday night against the Sparks, she was in the starting lineup but ended up logging just five minutes. She has also missed 15 of her 20 three-point attempts despite getting plenty of open looks.

All this after averaging 31.7 points her senior year while shooting .529 from the field and .428 from deep.

Granted, there is an asterisk next to some of those numbers. Plum’s ankle is still bothering her. Watch her UW highlights, and you’ll see her constantly changing speeds and directions in a manner she simply can’t right now.

Maybe the injury wouldn’t be as disruptive in college, but when you’re playing in the best league in the world, even the slightest inhibition can make a major difference. So she’s optimistic about the future, but for now …

“It sucks. I don’t sleep very good,” Plum said, who played in front of 9,686 people Sunday, good for a Key­Arena sellout. “And for me, it’s humble pie. You feel like you’re on top of the mountain, then you’re in the valley. It’s going to make me better in the long run, but in the short term it sucks.”

You could see the frustration on Plum’s face. After knocking down that early three-pointer, Plum missed her next seven shots. Floaters weren’t dropping, long balls were clanking — there was even a missed layup.

When San Antonio was forced to call a timeout midway through the quarter, Plum grimaced and slapped the ball to the ground. And when Storm center Breanna Stewart emphatically swatted away her shot attempt later in the half, Plum could do nothing but smile.

Certainly not the homecoming she wanted. The question is: What’s next?

After the game, Stars coach Vickie Johnson pointed out that, in the 21 years she has been involved in the league, she’s only seen one player — former UConn Star Maya Moore — make a seamless jump to the pros. There is always a learning curve, and though Kelsey’s may seem particular steep right now, she is generally adept at adjusting.

The ankle will get stronger, her natural movement will return, and she’ll have a chance to showcase the talent that sent her to the top of the draft boards.

In the meantime, Plum would like to shore up her shooting. She admits it’s become mental to a certain degree — that she was making tougher shots in college than the ones she’s missing.

“It doesn’t matter who I’m playing against,” Plum said. “It’s the same ball and the same basket.”

One thing that hasn’t changed is Seattle’s admiration for her. As Plum sat on the bench in the final minute, sections of the crowd began chanting “Kel-sey! Kel-sey!”

And 15 minutes after the contest, there were still at least 1,500 fans on hand for Plum’s postgame interview.

“You made this place feel like home,” she told the crowd.

No doubt Kelsey enjoyed returning to Seattle. Now we wait to see if she can return to her old self.