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This edition of story time with Sigi Schmid is inspired by his message to Chad Barrett prior to Sunday’s Sounders-Galaxy match, when the veteran forward was added to the squad as a last-minute replacement for injured teammate Nelson Valdez and later scored the game-tying goal.

“A player is obviously disappointed when he’s not in the 18,” Schmid said after practice on Tuesday. “And then you get called in – I’ve got a great story I’ll tell you later – when you get called in, you’re happy but you’re still disappointed. One of the things I said to him before the game and after the game: ‘One doesn’t ask why we get these opportunities. One just takes advantage of them when they come.’

“The story I was going to tell you was that one of my old goalkeepers … was the backup goalie for the L.A. Lazers indoor team. In those days, you only dressed one goalkeeper. He was in the Forum Club – remember the fabulous Forum? – he was in the Forum Club and probably sloshed down about three or four beers and nachos and a couple of hot dogs.

“He was a big guy, a big gregarious guy, and the goalkeeper got injured during warmups. (He) is actually sitting up with me, up in the stands, about to watch the start of the game. They come up and tell him he’s got to play, and he goes, ‘Oh, I can’t play.’

“He goes down there, and I think it was five-nothing at the end of the first period. So I was glad that Chad was in better shape than that.”

Tune in next time.