WASHINGTON — Several Seattle fans said they were assaulted outside Audi Field after Sunday’s MLS match between the Sounders and D.C. United, according to a police report.

The incident allegedly took place around 11 p.m. near a bar and nightclub a block east of the stadium. The match had ended at around 10 p.m.

The complaint filed with the Metropolitan Police Department listed seven victims (four male, three female): five from the Seattle area, one from Denver and one from New York. No arrests were made, and police said no lethal weapons were involved. The investigation remained active Monday.

The victims said they were confronted by “approximately 12 D.C. United supporters, who began physically harassing them,” according to the report. Most of the victims said they received minor injuries.

One, however, said he was “punched multiple times in the face, causing bruises around the left eye,” the report stated. Another said he was punched in the jaw. The website Sounder at Heart reported that one person had been hospitalized.

“Our sympathy goes out to the injured fan involved in the incident that took place outside of Audi Field,” United said. “We are deeply concerned about this incident and are continuing a thorough investigation alongside the Metropolitan Police.”


United said it kept the organized group of Seattle fans in the stadium for 20 minutes after the match concluded, standard procedure in soccer to help avoid confrontations between opposing supporters.

The team said it will review video footage in an effort to identify the aggressors.

“Fan safety is our top priority and we are committed to eradicating any violence in or around the stadium,” the club said in the statement. “Confrontational behavior will not be tolerated at D.C. United games and we will review our club policies and procedures to ensure we maximize safety at Audi Field.”

The Sounders said they were aware of the matter.

“Alongside our colleagues at D.C. United and Major League Soccer, we are in the process of gathering all the necessary facts in the most thorough and efficient manner possible,” the Sounders said.

The victims were members of the Emerald City Supporters, a Seattle fan group that was well-represented at the match. The group said it was helping identify “the cowards who perpetrated this unprovoked attack.”