MLS has adopted a new format for its playoffs, getting rid of aggregate scoring and replacing it with a single-elimination tournament.

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Hate the sometimes-confusing MLS playoff format? You’re in luck. The 24-team league announced a new, single-elimination format for the playoffs on Monday, doing away with aggregate scoring and increasing the number of playoff teams from 12 to 14.

Under the new format, the No. 1 seed in each conference receives a bye into the conference semifinals, and the higher seed hosts each match.

The bracket format, via

Also of note: The season will end earlier than in prior years. In 2019, the MLS Cup will be played on Nov. 10; in 2018, the title game was played on Dec. 8. The 2019 MLS playoffs will begin Oct. 19, with the entirety of the playoffs happening during FIFA’s international break.

The 2019 MLS season begins March 2.