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With a 3-0 thumping of D.C. that probably should have been even more lopsided, the Red Bulls finally earn some overdue props. Last week’s ranking in parentheses

1. New York Red Bulls (3)
Left no doubt about its Eastern Conference supremacy. Form: D-W-W-L-W. Up next: vs. Chicago on Sept. 11.
2. Los Angeles (1)
Loses its sense of invincibility when it travels away from the StubHub Center. Form: W-W-W-W-L. Up next: vs. Montreal on Sept. 12.
3. Vancouver (2)
This weekend was not a good one for contenders. Form: W-W-L-W-L. Up next: vs. Colorado on Sept. 9.
4. Dallas (6)
Finally back on a winning track. Form: W-L-L-L-W. Up next: at Columbus on Sunday.
5. Columbus (8)
Correction: This weekend was a very bad one for contenders — see below. Form: L-W-D-W-W. Up next: vs. Dallas on Sunday.
6. San Jose (9)
Four wins on the bounce, with Philadelphia on the way. Form: L-W-W-W-W. Up next: vs. Philadelphia on Saturday.
7. D.C. (5)
Takes care of business against also-rans, but this team might have a ceiling. Form: W-W-L-L-L. Up next: at Colorado on Sept. 12.
8. Kansas City (4)
Stumbling into a busy stretch run. Form: W-W-L-L-L. Up next: at Portland on Sept. 9.
9. Toronto (10)
I see you, Jozy. Though not this weekend at CenturyLink. Form: W-L-L-W-W. Up next: at Seattle on Saturday.
10. New England (11)
Below New York, the East is wide open. Form: W-D-W-W-W. Up next: vs. Orlando on Saturday.
11. Seattle (13)
That win over Portland wasn’t pretty, but it sure was invaluable. L-L-W-L-W. Up next: vs. Toronto on Saturday.
12. Portland (7) 
The wheels could come off quickly. Form: D-W-W-D-L. Up next: vs. Kansas City on Sept. 9.
13. Houston (15)
Lurking below the red line. Form: W-L-D-L-W. Up next: vs. Real Salt Lake on Sept. 12.
14. Montreal (12)
What if I told you that you could fire your head coach and still be well-placed in the playoff chase? Form: W-D-L-L-L. Up next: vs. Chicago on Saturday.
15. Colorado (17)
I cannot, in good conscience, rank the Rapids any higher than this. Form: L-L-W-W-W. Up next: at Vancouver on Sept. 9.
16. Salt Lake (14)
The playoff streak is dead. Long live the playoff streak. Form: L-L-L-W-L. Up next: at Houston on Sept. 9.
17. Orlando (16)
To think, this season began with such promise. Form: L-D-L-L-D. Up next: vs. New England on Saturday.
18. New York City FC (18)
To borrow from Jason Kreis, “players need to show they want to be here.” Form: L-W-D-L-L. Up next: at Dallas on Sept. 12.
19. Chicago (20)
This is still a bad team. Form: L-D-L-W-D. Up next: vs. Montreal on Saturday.
20. Philadelphia (19)
Only two points out of the playoff places #MLS. Form: L-D-D-W-L. Up next: at San Jose on Saturday.