SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Former Dinamo Zagreb coach Zoran Mamic was released by a Bosnian court on Wednesday after being detained on an international arrest warrant issued by Croatia for evading a jail sentence for fraud and tax evasion.

Bosnian police detained Mamic earlier Wednesday after Croatia issued the warrant last week when he didn’t report to prison to start serving a nearly five-year sentence.

However, a court in Sarajevo let him go on the condition that he report to police once a week. Mamic also had to hand over his passport and other personal documents to the authorities and was banned from leaving Bosnia, Croatian and Bosnian media reported.

The court said Croatia has not formally asked for his extradition.

Mamic and his older brother Zdravko fled to Bosnia after being charged with embezzling the equivalent of $18 million from the sale of Dinamo Zagreb players to foreign clubs, and for tax evasion worth $2 million. The brothers are citizens of both Bosnia and Croatia and are therefore not subject to automatic extradition.

In March, Croatia’s high court sentenced Zoran Mamic to four years and eight months in prison. Zdravko Mamic, who had been Dinamo’s executive director, was sentenced to six and a half years in prison on the same charges as his brother.

The Croatian court ruled that they made fictitious deals during transfers of several former Dinamo players, including Luka Modric to Tottenham in 2008. The Real Madrid midfielder was a key witness during the trial, testifying about his financial deals with the Mamics.

The brothers have denied any wrongdoing.


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