LONDON (AP) — Recommendations to protect youngsters in soccer made by the legal team which conducted an inquiry into sexual abuse in England between 1970 and 2005:

— The Football Association should make arrangements to encourage all parents or carers to receive safeguarding training.

— Arrangements should be made for all players and young people to receive safeguarding training.

— The FA board and senior management team should receive safeguarding training every three years.

— Professional clubs should ensure directors receive safeguarding training every three years and implement a safeguarding strategy.

— Coaches of junior teams (under 18s) and grassroots clubs featuring youngsters should receive safeguarding training as part of their clubs’ affiliation to local FAs.


— All grassroots clubs should be required to make their safeguarding policy and contact details of the welfare officer available to parents and carers of all players under the age of 18, with a clear reporting mechanism.

— Spot checks should be widened on grassroots clubs to review the clubs’ safeguarding policies, including overnight stays, away travel and trips, use of social media.

— A member of the FA’s board should be assigned the role of children’s safeguarding champion.

— The FA should develop a five-year strategy with specific intervention to support the voices of children.

— Professional clubs should have safeguarding officers who reports on a regular basis to the board.

— The FA should launch a social media and online campaign to provide advice on safeguarding.


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