So what was the winning entree, a club sandwich?

Ex-figure skater Tonya Harding — yes, the one of Nancy Kerrigan kneecapping infamy — has captured the Season 16 title for “Worst Cooks In America: Celebrity Edition” on the Food Network.

“I can’t believe I did this,” Harding told The Oregonian. “This time, I’ll say it was me — I did it.”


• At “What if our best ‘Jeopardy!’ players played soccer?”

• At “The Wentz Wagon is now a Brinks truck.”

Cooking up a winner

Brewers pitcher Jhoulys Chacin walked in three straight runs with the bases loaded.

Lovers of the George Foreman Grill are just dying to know: So when is Jhoulys Chacin Wok Night?

Going, going, gone

Major league hitters blasted a record 1,135 home runs in May.

Which might be why you’re seeing more pitchers sporting neck braces between starts.

Tweet of the Week

From Whitney Cummings: “Straight guys already have a pride parade — it’s called NASCAR.”

Brown-&-Out Dept.

The Browns cut Desmond Harrison, who started half their games last season, after he missed his flight to attend a mandatory minicamp.

Updated scouting report: He isn’t very good in space.

Just wondering

• Did anybody else have Ashleigh Barty and Marketa Vondrousova reaching the women’s final in their French Open office pool?

• If the Raptors win the Larry O’Brien Trophy, will Canada hold it hostage to get the Stanley Cup back?

Stat of the Week

From Baseball America: The U.S. produces 15 professional baseball players per 1 million residents — compared to 191 in the Dominican Republic.

Name games

Patriots QB Tom Brady filed an application to trademark the nickname “Tom Terrific.”

Tom Seaver fans and Mighty Manfred might have something to say about that.

Talking the talk

• Jim Barach of, after Jets RB Le’Veon Bell told police that “girlfriends” stole $500,000 of his jewelry: “Although being a Jet, it’s pretty certain there were no rings missing.”

• Celtics GM Danny Ainge, to reporters, on lifestyle changes he’s implemented since his heart attack in May: “I’m eating more plants, and not the kind of plants in (Bill) Walton’s garden, by the way.”

Rookie of the Year

Ignas Dovydaitis, 11½ months old, outcrawled 24 rivals over a 5-meter carpeted track to capture the annual baby-racing competition in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The winning secret, insiders say, is resisting the urge to pit for a new diaper.

Quote marks

• Musical-chairs competitor Jessica Williams, to Deadspin, with a tip for winning New York City’s annual event: “(If) you’re shorter, you should try to get next to someone who’s taller. It’s harder for them to get down.”

• Janice Hough of, on 11 of 15 ACC teams being slotted into bowl games this season: “What does the NCAA think football postseason is, March Madness?”