Thanks Coach Pete

Coach Chris Petersen’s job got a lot harder as the expectations of fans grew so high. And the reason the expectations were so high? Coach Petersen himself. He delivered the kind of success in his six years that hadn’t been seen at UW in decades. Thanks for the memories Coach Pete and be well.

Raymond S. Wilson, Bellevue

Bigger things in life than football

Was I surprised? Yes. Did I understand his decision? Yes. At the news conference, Petersen said, “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” This quote speaks to me, also.

I was touched by his honesty. I’ve been a Husky football season-ticket holder since I was a student in 1974. I’m excited for next year. But sometimes there are things in life bigger than football. It’s still “a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

Linda L. Dodge, Bothell

Respect for the culture he built

Coach Pete has always espoused his philosophy of a balanced life of values. OKG, right? I am disappointed he is stepping away. I was very proud of his culture, not to mention his success on the field. But being a Division I coach is a 48-hour a day job.

Life imbalance? Turning down a big paycheck? We shouldn’t be surprised by his decision. It’s consistent with his principles. It takes a big person to walk away from money and authority.

Kim Salzwedel

Ugly options

Jimmy Lake as the new UW football coach? As a Coug I’d have much preferred the proven talents of Rick Neuheisel or even Tyrone Willingham!

Marshall Weiss

Changing game

I’m as shocked at Coach Pete’s decision as anyone, but college football is going downhill with the constant pressure to win at all costs and I would guess that he is just sick and tired of seeing college football become a semipro league just like college basketball.

Don Curtis, Stanwood

Low energy?

I had sensed that Coach Pete had lost his mojo. Lately, he didn’t have a spark.

Laurel Trask Slaninka


Leach extension

Am I the only WSU alum tired of Mike Leach and his pathetic coaching? Not only can’t he beat the Huskies, he can’t make a close game of it. The only people who should be happy that Leach got a contract extension for futility are UW fans.

Tom Stewart, Seattle

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