You make the call: (1) out; (2) safe; (3) you’re safe but your cellphone is out!

Pirates rookie Rodolfo Castro slid safely into third base in a 6-4 win over the D-backs — but the impact knocked his phone out of his back pocket. He didn’t realize the gaffe until umpire Adam Hamari pointed it out.

“You stay around the game and you see things you haven’t seen before,’’ Pirates manager Derek Shelton told AP. “It’s just one of those things we move forward from and tell him, ‘You can’t do that.’ ’’


• At “ ‘How do we make baseball more exciting?’ asks the only sport with a mandatory stretch break.”

• At “Marshawn Lynch arrested in Las Vegas, immediately exercises his right to remain silent.”

10/10 club

Shohei Ohtani has joined Babe Ruth as the only big-leaguers to ever hit 10 home runs and pitch 10 wins in the same season.


Bet neither had a cellphone fall out of their back pocket.

Name game

This guy won’t hear the end of it if he gets beaten for a long touchdown: LSU safety Major Burns.

Batter … urp!

Little Leaguer Brody Jackson, 11, of Webb City, Missouri, told ESPN his dream job would be “chicken nugget taste tester.”

The first NIL deal in Little League history should be coming in 3 … 2 … 1 …

NFL quiz

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says he felt himself “merge with the ocean” when he:

a) jumped in the jacuzzi

b) got sacked by Khalil Mack

c) tried hallucinogenic mushrooms on a 2020 trip to Peru

Cruel and unusual

Not that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needs any more ideas for possible punishments, but … this month some riders got trapped inside Disney World’s Small World ride for more than an hour.


Taking a powder

Mike Renfro, who coached Beech Grove (Indiana) High School to a state basketball championship in March, has been charged with dealing cocaine as the result of a DUI traffic stop, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Which certainly gives “running lines” a whole new meaning.

Tweet of the Week

“Sorry everyone, no scorecard for the Field of Dreams Game. When they build Statcast into the cornfields, we will come.” — @UmpScorecards

Short stuff

Brendon Wu and Sungjae Im were tied for the lead when play finished last Saturday in the Wyndham Championship.

“Wu? Im? Perfect,” said the Society of One-Column Headline Writers.

Talking the talk

• Cubs rookie outfielder Seiya Suzuki, to reporters, soaking in the ambience of Thursday’s Field of Dream game against the Reds: “There aren’t many cornfields like this in Japan.”

• Seahawks LB Nick Bellore, to reporters, on reaching the ripe old age of 33: “I’m at the get-off-my-lawn stage of my career. Guys just annoy me.”

Injury of the Week

Pitching coach Kyle Snyder of the Tampa Bay Rays, who have 15 players on the injured list, pulled a calf muscle while walking to the mound. He had to make a U-turn and hobble back to the dugout, with manager Kevin Cash making the visit instead.


“He pulled a calf muscle — pulled it, strained it, popped it — we haven’t gotten the final injury report yet,” Cash said. “I had to step up.”

Quote marks

• Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune, on ESPN’s planned “30 for 30” on Bill Walton: “Which can’t help but be great. But if they allow Bill to talk unabated, it may end up being 30 months for 30 months.”

• Comedy writer Paul Lander, via Twitter, on Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr.’s 80-game PED suspension: “On the upside, he’ll be available for next year’s Kentucky Derby.”

• Janice Hough of, after a federal judge ruled against three LIV golfers hoping to play in the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup playoffs: “Oh, this millionaire on billionaire violence.”

• Diva WR Antonio Brown, via Twitter, on his biggest regret: “… I’ll never get to see me, Antonio Brown, play a game live. … Like watching the Beatles or Jesus perform at Red Rocks.”

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Cardinals minor-leaguer Chandler Redmond hit for the home-run cycle — solo, two-run, three-run and grand slam — in a game in Amarillo, Texas, something that’s never been done in the big leagues.


Your move, Shohei Ohtani.

Quote, end quote

• Bob Molinaro in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, after highly paid Boston lefty Chris Sale was limited to 5 2/3 innings pitched this season because of a rib injury, broken pinkie finger and lastly a broken wreck from crashing his bicycle: “Done for the year. Sox might want to hold a Yard Sale.”

• Thomas Carrieri of, via Twitter, on kids eating free whenever the Red Sox win: “The good news about this season is the Red Sox are single-handedly ending childhood obesity.”

• Mike Bianchi of the Orlando (Florida) Sentinel, on Florida football coach Billy Napier banning all but white socks at practice: “You know what the great Grantland Rice once wrote: ‘It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you match your socks!’ ”