Guess you could say this sanction hit below the belt.

Russian swimmer Evgeny Rylov, a two-time gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, got his Speedo yanked — or more specifically, got his endorsement deal with the swimwear maker canceled — for appearing on stage at President Vladimir Putin’s pro-war pep rally this month.


• At “Frank Vogel waiting for LeBron to nod before drawing next line on white board.”

• At “Al Michaels signs with Amazon for ‘Joe Buck money,’ or simply, ‘Bucks’.”

Tennessee lightning

Tennessee pitcher Ben Joyce uncorked a fastball against South Carolina that was clocked at 104 mph.

The batter didn’t see it, but said it sounded fast.

Old alumni

Archaeologists working under the floor on Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral discovered several tombs that likely date to the 14th century.


No word on whether they woke up any echoes.

Fast exit from K.C.

The Dolphins traded for Tyreek Hill — one of the NFL’s fastest and most elusive wide receivers — and rewarded the ex-Chief with a four-year, $120 million contract.

Who says The Cheetah never prospers?

Cue the violins

North Macedonia scored in stoppage time to beat Italy 1-0 — Italy’s first defeat in 60 home World Cup qualifiers — and knock it out of a second consecutive World Cup appearance.

The reaction in Rome? Let’s just say that, if Nero were alive, he’d be fiddling.

Couch Potato

Skiing and shooting, hah! Let’s hear it for the real modern biathlon: filling out a March Madness bracket and playing fantasy football.

Tattooed good

Last Monday was World Tattoo Day.

How else to explain the fourth-seeded Oklahoma women getting a 108-64 tattooing from Notre Dame on the Sooners’ home court?

From bloom to bust

We decided to plant a March Madness garden this year — lots of No. 1 and No. 2 seeds.


Show of hand

QB prospect Kenny Pickett’s much-discussed hand size increased by ⅛ inch, measuring 8⅝ inches at Pitt’s pro day.

He immediately jumped five places on scouting nerds’ mock draft boards.

Team for sale

The consortium that includes Todd Boehly, Dodgers and Lakers part-owner, is among the favorites to buy Chelsea, whose Russian owner has been stripped of his stake.

Where’s Ted Lasso?

Talking the talk

• Ex-Times photographer Lindsey Wasson, via Twitter, on Mile High Stadium catching fire 16 days after the Broncos acquired QB Russell Wilson: “Did they let Russ cook too much?”

• The late John Madden, in 1993, regarding TV broadcasters’ big paychecks: “If you got one person who wants you, you get a job. If you got two people who want you, you get a great deal. And if you have three or more, you get a bonanza.”

Not getting him

ESPN traded Fox the rights to broadcast next season’s Penn State-Purdue football game in exchange for releasing Joe Buck from the final year on his contract.


Penn State-Purdue? Apparently Fox really coveted Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.

Quote marks

• Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune, on Bucs QB Tom Brady’s unretirement: “Brady obviously loves his kids, but after two months of seeing too much of him, Gisele told Tommy to go spend more time with much larger children.”

• Mike Bianchi of the Orlando (Florida) Sentinel, on Phil Mickelson not playing in the Masters for the first time in 28 years: “When you get canceled by Augusta National, the most un-woke organization in all of sports, you’ve really stepped in deep doo-doo.”

• Bills GM Brandon Beane, to the Pat McAfee Show, when McAfee told him he could trade QB Josh Allen to the Colts for whatever he wanted: “I would trade myself before I traded Josh.”

• Janice Hough of, on about-to-retire Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski appearing to wipe away a tear in a postgame interview: “Well, as Tom Brady and Brett Favre say, the first retirement is the hardest.”

• Bruce Penton, sizing up this year’s possible Stanley Cup winners: “Sorry, Leafs fans, your team’s probably still one of the outsiders. But 1967 was a great year, right?”

Expensive shoes

QB Marcus Mariota, signed by the Falcons to replace Matt Ryan, says, “Those are big shoes to fill, no doubt.”


Big yes, but certainly more expensive. Ryan, despite playing for the Colts this season, will nonetheless cost the Falcons a record $40.5 million in dead cap money.

Quote, end quote

• Phillies color analyst Ruben Amaro Jr., during an NBC Sports Philadelphia broadcast, after failing to snag a foul ball that struck play-by-play man Tom McCarthy in the chest during a spring-training game: “Those are my hands again. That’s why they moved me into the outfield.”

• Bob Molinaro in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, on new Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett: “Sounds like he could be carrying a musket behind George Washington in the Revolutionary War.”

• Saint Peter’s basketball coach Shaheen Holloway, to reporters, on being an NCAA tournament underdog: “I’ve got guys from New Jersey and New York City. You think we’re scared of anything?”

• Seahawks WR DK Metcalf, via Twitter, after it was suggested the door was open for a trade with the Chiefs: “Better close it, heard it get cold at night.”