If Seahawks fans already miss seeing Marshawn Lynch, they don’t have to spend the offseason hoping for another return from retirement.

Lynch, who returned to the Seahawks in December for three games, is apparently starring in the third season of HBO’s “Westworld,” which premieres on March 15.

He made a short, but tantalizing appearance in the trailer that dropped on Thursday.

He also tweeted the poster along with the show’s slogan earlier this month.

Lynch appears to be a bodyguard of sorts for Aaron Paul, a slightly more acclaimed actor, alongside Lena Waithe. Other than that, not much is known about Lynch’s role in the show. Given that the plot of “Westworld” generally doesn’t make a lot of sense, it might take a few episodes for viewers to find out anyway.

This also won’t be Lynch’s first acting credit. He starred in two episodes of “The League” and an episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as himself, which is kind of cheating. According to his IMDB page, Lynch also played the role of “Massive Goon” in something called “Matt’s Chance.”

In three games (two in the playoffs) last season, Lynch rushed for 67 yards on 30 carries and four touchdowns.

Lynch, now a free agent, isn’t expected to return to the Seahawks, but didn’t completely close the door on returning to the NFL next season. Asked about his NFL future following Seattle’s playoff loss in Green Bay, Lynch simply said, “We’ll see what happens.”