The Seahawks made sure to fill up their defensive end and pass rushing spots as much as they could over the past few weeks, signing veterans Bruce Irvin and Benson Mayowa and then taking Tennessee’s Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson of Syracuse in the draft.

But there’s always room for Jadeveon Clowney.

That was the basic message from the Seahawks on Saturday following the draft, anyway.

Clowney remains unsigned and there has been nothing lately to indicate that anything is going on with the Seahawks.

Seattle general manager John Schneider reiterated Saturday after the draft when he spoke with reporters that the team got to a point where it felt like it had to move on and couldn’t wait any longer for Clowney to make a decision.

But he also said that doesn’t mean the door is closed for good.

“We don’t shut the door on anything, really,’’ he said. “With Clowney, I’ll just put it out there, he did a great job for us, he was amazing this past year. We were in negotiations with his agent for a long time and at some point you need to move on and keep conducting. And it’s not Jadeveon’s fault. It’s nobody’s fault. But you have to keep moving or you are going to get beat.’’


If that sounded like the door being pretty much closed even if Schneider said the door wasn’t closed, though, Carroll then followed up to paint a little more optimistic light on the picture.

“It’s just staying in touch with him,’’ Carroll said. “He’s kind of patient with the time frames that are out there and all that. But he knows that the Seahawks is the place that he has had success and he had a really good time (in Seattle). … It’s a pretty good feeling for him being out there still, so Johnny will take care of it and if there’s an opportunity that makes sense we will dive back in and pursue it.’’

Clowney has been said to have initially asked for a contract in the $20-21 million a year range. A report last week stated he may be willing to take as little as $13 million a year now, though likely on a short-term deal so he could hit free agency again in a year or so.

Tennessee has been thought a possible destination for Clowney and there is a thought that some teams might have been waiting until after the draft and seeing what they have and how their cap situation is to make another run at him.

Also, after Monday any signings of veteran free agents will no longer factor into the formula for determining compensatory picks in 2021. That means another team could sign Clowney following Monday and not worry that it might impact any draft picks it would have coming for free agent losses this year. It also means at that point Seattle would not be due any potential pick for Clowney.