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What will be the big story of the week for the Seahawks is the health of quarterback Russell Wilson, who suffered an injury to his right ankle in the third quarter Sunday but stayed in to lead Seattle to a 12-10 win over Miami.

While the team did not specify the exact nature or give any details of the injury — and since he did not miss a play there was not even an official report of it announced in the press box — it appears to have been some nature of sprain (though coach Pete Carroll several times referred to Wilson as also having been “kicked” in the ankle on the sack by Ndamukong Suh).

Wilson has not only never missed a play in an NFL game but also has never missed a practice since joining the NFL in 2013.

Wilson’s durability is one reason the Seahawks have tried to get by relatively inexpensively at the backup QB spot this year, going with undrafted rookie free agent Trevone Boykin, who is making the league minimum of $450,000, with a cap hit of $455,000 due to his $15,000 bonus (which is spread out over three years).

Seahawks 12, Dolphins 10


Boykin, who played at TCU and is the only other QB on the team’s current 53-man roster, warmed up throughout the second half after Wilson was injured.

Wilson insisted later he’ll be fine and reiterated that thought in a Tweet Monday morning that ended “See you in LA.”

But the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Monday morning that Wilson’s availability for the Rams’ game is in “question.”

That leads to another question — will the Seahawks feel compelled to pick up another backup quarterback this week to assure additional depth? Rapoport also reported to expect the Seahawks to purse “a veteran option.”

The Seahawks also had former Skyline High star Jake Heaps on the roster as a third QB in camp but he was released in the cutdown to 53 and remains a free agent. Heaps, though, has never been on a 53-man roster and the Seahawks might want someone who has.

Among those available (here’s a list of available QBs from are three who have played for the Pete Carroll-era Seahawks before — Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Charlie Whitehurst.

Jackson was Seattle’s backup the last three seasons but remains unsigned. Jackson, who made $1.5 million in 2015, had yet to reach agreement on another contract with Seattle before then being arrested in June on a charge of aggravated assault in connection.. Those charges were later dropped. It had been thought the Seahawks would not be interested in Jackson while the legal issues were ongoing but with those cleared up maybe he could become more of an option. Jackson turned 33 in April and was Seattle’s starter during the 2011 season, the year before Wilson arrived, before returning to sign one-year contracts in each of 2013, 2014 and 2015 as his backup.

Also available is B.J. Daniels, who served as something of a third QB for Seattle much of the past three seasons though he was switched to receiver last year and played that spot for the Seahawks until signing with Houston late in the season. He has since been with Houston, the New York Giants and the Bears but is not currently on a roster. He was being used by the Bears as a receiver.

Also available is Josh Johnson, who has five career starts (though none since 2011) and was in camp this year with the Ravens. He is a cousin of Marshawn Lynch and has the same agent, Doug Hendrickson.

Others available include Jimmy Clausen, who has 14 career starts, including one against Seattle last December as a member of the Baltimore Ravens in which he threw for 274 yards; Michael Vick, Josh Freeman and T.J. Yates.

Adding a third QB would mean having to release/waive another player off the 53-man roster to make room.