Earl Thomas spoke to media after the Seahawks' win over the Cowboys on Sunday and said the Cowboys' coaches asked if he's 'ready' to be traded. He also sort of explained why he sat out of practice this week.

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Earl Thomas, the Seahawks’ All-Pro free safety, caused quite a kerfuffle this week when he sat out of two practices despite not being injured or excused, and was late to a walkthrough on Saturday.

Thomas showed no signs of rust at all in Seattle’s 24-13 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, leading the Seahawks with seven tackles, two interceptions and two passes defensed. Ever the showman, after his second interception, late in the fourth quarter, Thomas even took a bow in front of the Cowboys’ sideline, looking directly at Dallas’ coaches and bench.

Afterward, Thomas spoke to the media about his strange week and hinted that the Cowboys’ coaches asked him during warmups on Sunday if he was “ready for the trade tomorrow.”

Here’s the transcript of everything Thomas said to reporters after the game on Sunday.


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Reporters: It’s your daughter’s birthday tomorrow. Which one of those two picks were for her?
Earl Thomas: All of them. It’s her birthday tomorrow. It was a great feeling out there.

Did you think this might be your last game in Seattle?
ET: Of course. I heard chatter, people were coming up to me and saying the trade might happen. Even pregame, a couple of the Cowboys coaches — I don’t know if they were trying to play psychological games — but they were like, “You ready for the trade tomorrow?” But at the end of the day, I had a great time with the guys I’ve been practicing with — well, not practicing with, but the guys that I’ve been around. It was just fun out there.

What’s your mindset now? Was this your last game as a Seahawk?
ET: I don’t know if it was, but I had a damn good time and I’ll go out like that if I have to.

Is there any part of you that is still hopeful that something can be worked out in Seattle or has that ship sailed?
ET: I just want to be appreciated.

And you don’t think you’re appreciated here by this organization?
ET: I mean, show me.

Did you get a sense the Cowboys coaches were joking or were they serious?
ET: I don’t know if they were joking or serious or not. I was minding my business in my routine and they came up and a couple guys said something.

Was (former Seahawks and current Cowboys DC) Kris Richard one of the guys?
ET: No.

What was going on last week with you missing practices?
ET: I need to make sure my body is 100 (percent), and I’m investing in myself. If they were invested in me, I would be out there practicing. But if I feel like if I have anything, even if it’s something small, if I got a headache, I’m not practicing. But I don’t want that to be taken the wrong way — I know I’ll get fined.

Do you expect to be fined?
ET: I probably will.

Have they told you that?
ET: I’m sure I’ll have a slip in my locker.

Do you get concerned about the message that sends to the younger players?
ET: No, because they know me. When we’re in the room, it’s straight business, but they also know that I’m going to be me. I’m going to be free. I know who I am in this game — especially in this game. I’m not going to let anyone take advantage of my God-given ability.

What do you say to fans who might be upset with you?
ET: I put myself in this position. I’m going to do what I want to do. I never have nothing to prove. It was great for the ball to come my way. Like I said, I’m enjoying the guys that I’m out there with.

Is practice a big deal?
ET: Practice is a big deal. Practice is a big deal. In my younger days, it made me who I am. I always practiced hard, but I understand now — especially because I’m going to be careful.

Is there anything you’re not doing now that you would be doing if you were extended?
ET: The system wins. I love the system. I know the system like the back of my hand. That’s why I can take a couple practices off.

But in terms of contact, are you holding back at all?
ET: I wouldn’t say that. I’m trying to get the ball clear on the ground when I can.

What was the message behind the bow to the Cowboys’ sideline?
ET: I felt like that was just, in the moment. And if they were going to trade for me and extend me they should have did it.

Hopeful that a trade might happen? Do you have a preference?
ET: I love Seattle. My family is here. I’m hopeful that these guys will call my agent and work something out. I want to be taken care of.

And if they don’t take care of you?
ET: Let’s keep it moving. Like I said let’s just keep it moving. Take my talents and ball out.