The Seahawks' latest fashion trend? Short shorts. It's a movement, tight end Luke Willson said. And on Thursday, quarterback Russell Wilson joined in.

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Tight end Luke Willson calls the Seahawks’ latest fashion trend “a movement.”

That’s one word for it, as a growing number of Seahawks are wearing short shorts during each Thursday practice, a day that also is being dubbed as “Techno Thursday.”

On this particular Thursday, 10 Seahawks — including quarterback Russell Wilson —  joined “the movement” in wearing short shorts. Coach Pete Carroll even got into the act briefly, rolling up his pants to about knee-length during conditioning.

So what’s this all about?

As Willson explains it, “it started with an inspiration. An inspiration by the name of Jordan Roos.”

Roos is a rookie offensive lineman from Purdue who made the team as an undrafted free agent.

We’ll let Roos take it from here.

“I train at a big meathead gym when I’m back home (Metroflex Gym in Plano, Texas) with some seven-inch inseam luge shorts on and tank tops lifting heavy weights,” said Roos, listed at 6 feet 3 and 302 pounds.

“Wearing the short shorts has just kind of been my thing,” Roos said. “Sky’s out, thighs out.”

But it wasn’t something he felt comfortable doing at first with the Seahawks — he was the only undrafted free agent to make the initial 53-man roster.

“I kind of waited a couple of weeks when I first got here and asked if they could hem a pair of my sweat pants,” he said. “But I worked up the courage and said, ‘Hey, this is cool,’ and I did it. I would kind of initially wear them during a walk-through and see if anybody would say anything, and it just kind of took off.”

Giving it the biggest push was Willson, a fifth-year vet whose locker is next to Roos’ and is known around the team for his, well, unique personality.

“I just like the short shorts,” Willson said. “Better than the baggy shorts. Those are just in the way, dude.”

Willson decided it might go well with Thursday, a day when he has tried to get the team to play more Techno music during practice — his particular favorite, The Hum by Dmitiri Vegas & Like Mike, has become a regular part of the playlist.

“Thursday’s have now been dubbed Techno Thursday,” Willson said. “The majority of it is hip-hop, which I appreciate. But I figured let’s throw a little something else in there, so it’s kind of caught on. At first, some guys were fighting it. But now we have Techno Thursday. I’d say it’s about a 50-50 split between Techno and other genres of music. So it’s kind of like the Techno Thursday ensemble for us is now short shorts.”

Willson’s attempt to turn all of this into “a movement” might have taken its biggest step Thursday when he convinced Wilson to join forces.

So how’d that happen?

“I just kind of went over there and said, ‘Hey, Techno Thursday — you in?’ ” Willson said. “And he said, ‘Yeah, let’s go.’ ”

Wilson appeared to like the experience enough. As the quarterbacks broke their huddle following practice Thursday they did so saying “short shorts.”

Afterward, the 10 leg-baring Seahawks, which also included Frank Clark and Neiko Thorpe and practice-squad players Trevone Boykin, Tyrone Swoopes and David Moore, posed for a photo at midfield.

“We’ve got the core group of guys now,” Willson said. “But I bet by Week 12-14, somewhere in there, we will have, what, the 53 (on the active roster) and the 10 (practice squad) guys, all 63 guys wearing it. That’s what I think.”

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