What is there to say about this Seahawks team?

This is certainly not what people expected them to be. At 2-5, the Seahawks still technically have time to turn it around. But the time is now.

Whether that’s possible remains to be seen especially with no set timetable on Russell Wilson’s return.

With that, here’s where national media rank the Seahawks.

Saints 13, Seahawks 10


ESPN: No. 23

Prediction we missed: The Seahawks’ pass rush would excel.

The widely held belief going into the season was that the Seahawks’ pass rush would be the strength of their defense. They had Jamal Adams, Carlos Dunlap II and almost everyone else back from a group that recorded the second-most sacks over the final seven weeks last season. And they had a promising young addition in Darrell Taylor, helping make it the deepest position group on their roster. Taylor has been excellent, but everyone else has underwhelmed. True, the pass rush also started slow last season, but that was partly because Adams missed four games and Dunlap had yet to be acquired. They’ve both played in every game this season, so there’s no obvious answer as to why the Seahawks’ pass rush has underperformed.

Sports Illustrated: No. 21

Their defense has played surprisingly well over the last two weeks, but without Russell Wilson, this is a franchise adrift. Instructive times for Seattle’s ownership group that must immediately contend with Wilson’s not-so covert desires to explore other franchises before his retirement.

Bleacher Report: No. 21

The Seattle Seahawks are done. Stick a fork in the 2021 season.

It’s not just a matter of another sluggish loss at home, where the Seahawks are now 0-3. Or that at 2-5, Seattle sits four games back of second place in the NFC West. Or the fact that Seattle is looking at least one more game this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars before the bye (and the potential return of Russell Wilson from a broken finger).


It’s that with Geno Smith under center, Seattle may not be able to beat the Jaguars—at home.

CBS Sports: No. 23

They battled against the Saints, but they don’t do enough on offense without Russell Wilson. They can forget about any division title now – and probably the playoffs.

NBC Sports: No. 21

Will Russell Wilson‘s agent be publishing a list of the teams to which Wilson would accept a trade before next Tuesday’s deadline?

The Ringer: No. 23