In the NFL’s never-ending — and seemingly successful — quest to take over the sporting world, the league has turned the release of its regular-season schedule into a two-week endeavor.

But finally, after some drips here and drops there the last 14 days, the whole thing will be unfurled Thursday at 5 p.m.

But only after a few more drops — each team will announce their first home opponent at 3 p.m., and NBC will announce one game it will televise Thursday morning.

As a reminder, this is simply the release of the order of the games, times and TV designations as opponents have been known since the end of the season.

The Seahawks already know one of their games when they found out last week they will play in the first regular-season game ever in Germany, on Nov. 13 in Munich against Tampa Bay and future FOX Sports football analyst Tom Brady — one of nine games the league has already revealed. 

The game is officially a home game for Tampa Bay, meaning the Seahawks still have nine home games — the most for a home schedule in franchise history — and eight on the road.


The 2022 schedule includes home-and-road games against the NFC West, games against the NFC South and AFC West as well as games against the fourth-place teams in the NFC East and North (Giants and Detroit, respectively), and a date with the Jets as the 17th game on the schedule.

This year, that additional game is a home game for all NFC teams. 

Here’s the full list of opponents:

Home: Arizona, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco, Atlanta, Carolina, Denver, Las Vegas, New York Giants, New York Jets.

Away: Arizona, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Los Angeles Chargers, Detroit.

In terms of opponent win-loss record, it’s the 11th most difficult schedule in 2022. Seahawk opponents in 2022 went 149-139-1 last season. And in part because of the Munich trip, the Seahawks will travel 29,446 miles, the most in the NFL.

The NFL season starts Sept. 8, with the traditional Thursday kickoff game hosted by the defending Super Bowl champs, the Rams.


Most teams will begin Sept. 11. 

It’s considered a given that the game against Denver and reunion with Russell Wilson will get a marquee TV time slot.

But it won’t be Christmas Day as the NFL announced earlier this week Wilson and the Broncos will play the Rams in Los Angeles that day.

Also sure to get a marquee bill is the Rams’ visit to Seattle and the return of middle linebacker Bobby Wagner. There has been some speculation that could be the last home game of the year on Jan. 8.

Playoffs begin Jan. 14-15 with the Super Bowl set for Feb. 12 in Glendale, Arizona.