Seattle Times readers offered several suggestions for a nickname for CenturyLink Field. The most popular was "The Clink."

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The readers have spoken and it seems most of them will be calling the home of the Seahawks and Sounders FC “The Clink,” which is a lot easier to say than CenturyLink Field.

The Link, C-Link and the Cliff also received support.

Qwest bought the naming rights to the stadium in 2004 and Seahawks Stadium became Qwest Field. CenturyLink, which purchased Qwest in April, assumes the sponsorship deal that runs through 2014 with a five-year renewal option.

So for now, at least, it’s CenturyLink Field. A sampling of readers’ ideas:

A natural would be to refer to the field as C-Link, uttered as CLINK Field.

A little education of the public would have them come to the definition of “clink” as the sound of metal coming together.

A clinker is a mass of incombustible matter fused together, as in the burning of coal … also a hard brick used for paving.

With a little time and promotion our Seahawks would take on a bit of the Pittsburgh Steelers aura as clinker-tough.

— Richard Cardwell, Seattle

“The Clink,” of course.

— Terry Cole, Kirkland

I think “The Clink” will be the overwhelming response. I hope so anyway.

— Jill Taylor, STAR 101.5

I will call former Qwest Field “C-Link Field” (sea-link) or “The Clink”

— Susan Lee Erak, CenturyLink employee

It will always be Seahawks Stadium, even though Qwest Field did grow on me. CenturyLink Field? I don’t think so.

— Lee Lien, Everett

How about “CorporateTakeoverOfAmerica Field?”

— Wes Aman

Original name was Seahawks Stadium and although it hosts other events (Sounders, etc.), I’d propose we revert back to calling it by its original name since that is the only thing that can stay constant. CenturyLink will only be the name until the point that they’re acquired by AT&T or Verizon.

— Al Wilhonen

I’ll call it Qwest Field. I’m the kind of person who still calls Metropolitan Market Queen Anne Thriftway.

— Julia Stanley

See you at “The Link.”

— Gary Loyd

I believe it is obvious. The CLINK. Then, when the Seahawks have a bad game, all you sports reporters can say they went CLUNK at the CLINK.

— RC Leabo, Poulsbo

CenturyLink Field is one of the more awkward names for a stadium that there is in the country. So I’m gonna choose to call the stadium formerly known as Qwest “The Link.”

— Joseph Colucio

I would suggest “Da Link” as in “Da Bears.”

— Barry Ryan

I continue to call KeyArena the Coliseum.

I continue to call Emerald Downs Longacres.

And I’ll continue to call the football stadium the Kingdome.

Sometimes the first is still the best.

— Lance Benedict, Edmonds

Me, I’ve always called it the soccer field. Some of us have long memories.

— MaryEllen Anderson, Seattle

I have the perfect name: The Seattle Sounders Pitch. Sounders till I die!

— Mary Kathryn Myers-Brass, Kent

I will call it its original name, Seahawks Stadium. I hate naming rights. I miss the Kingdome.

— John Sherrill

I live southeast of Yakima but I am from Monroe, La., the home to CenturyLink. I also knew the founder of the company, he was a customer of mine. So CenturyLink Field rolls off my tongue very well. I am proud of the company and the people of CenturyLink. It is an insult to ask people to write in to state what readers will call it. The money paid for the naming rights says CenturyLink Field.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

— J Robert Powers

CLINK for lots of reasons.

— Dale Bauer

C-Link Field (pronounced “Slink”).

— Audrey Torrey, Bellevue