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Here is some of what Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn had to say when he held his usual Thursday session with reporters today:

On if the Seahawks’ game plan approach changed after the loss: “We tried not, in terms of the approach, where I thought the guys did a good job, in terms of preparing last week, during the week. So you can’t go back and say, ‘Well we really didn’t really… our preparation wasn’t as strong.’ So each week, our preparation… we kind of focus, as you know, each day; On Wednesday, on Thursday, on Friday. So really the approach hasn’t changed and we’re all aware of it. There’s some things that we’d like to play better on certain parts of it and we will. But not change in the approach of how we go after it, in our style, in the way we play, or anything like that.”

On how he has seen the Seahawks’ secondary respond this week after the loss: “Yeah exactly like you want. Like you said, there’s a couple of plays that we would like to have again and they had some good combination on some things that we didn’t play as well as we would’ve liked. But the challenge was there. I don’t know if you felt any of this energy from practice today and the one-on-ones from yesterday. So the good part, when our guys… our receivers are a pretty prideful group with Doug [Baldwin] and Sid [Sidney Rice] and the guys. So the one-on-ones that happened between those guys, that’s as fun of a period to watch as any just because it’s totally battling and going for it. So those happen a lot of times on Wednesdays and Thursdays and it’s usually one that we all like to watch and see the highlights from that too.”

On the offensive and defensive line getting after each other during practice: “Yeah. Yeah it was definitely a spirited day and there’s no question about that. It was really more of just our guys… everybody wants to give the look, give the picture, do it as hard as you can, and it’s really about working as hard as you can for the guy across from you. So sometimes that gets pushed and I think that was probably an example of that today.”

On being able to have all his pass rushers now: “Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s a good thing. We got a lot of guys who can roll and play in some different spots. Some who are linebackers who play down, some were some D-ends that play inside, and we’re kind of just getting started in that. So we’ll have some looks, as we’re moving throughout the season, with different guys in different spots. Kind of like how we had planned all along. But it is good to have him here and not say, ‘When they get here, we might get to do this.’ And now, this is kind of the start of that.”

On Bruce Irvin’s performance: “You know what? I think we were all kind of waiting to get to that first practice with him and see where he is, where his retention is. So for him to come back in the shape that he was and the mindset that he had, I think that we all felt good as we went Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and then, ‘Alright. Let’s see where he’s at.’ And he did a nice job in the game.”

On Chris Clemons making plays against the Colts: “Yeah. So I think we all recognized how hard he worked to get back. So for him coming back and getting his knee strong, each time he had to go out, it was another, ‘Hi. I’m back and I can do this.’ So good op for him and I thought for Cliff [Avril] too and then having Bruce [Irvin] into the mix too. All of those guys are really important guys for us, in terms of how we go after the QB.”

On how nice it is for K.J. Wright being versatile enough to play middle linebacker: “Yeah we moved… and that’s exactly how we’re going about it and we will just kind of wait in until tomorrow; to see with Bobby [Wagner]. He’s working as hard as he can to get back. But a lot of respect for K.J. [Wright]. We always thought that he was a smart player and that was one of the reasons we moved him back behind the ball because he’s got really good instincts. So when he played Sam, they said, ‘Okay. Well now we got a chance. Maybe let’s move Bruce [Irvin]’ and so that’s all kind of part of the plan to do that. So for him to move… a lot easier when you’re behind the ball, moving from Will to Mike than maybe it would’ve been from Sam to go back. Does that make sense? But he’s done a really good job. You can just feel his command and the knowledge he has of it.”

On if there were any plays where there was blown coverage last week that concerns him this week: “Yeah. Nothing concerned from our end. We got some really aggressive guys who want to do it as hard as they can. So it’s more, ‘Hey. Let’s make sure that everybody is playing in the exact style that we want.’ I think that they’d probably tell you the same thing. You know, we’ll give them credit too on some of the combination stuff that they had. But no change in our style and that type of thing. So we’re ready to go.”

On miscommunication with Richard Sherman on the passing touchdown to T.Y. Hilton:“Yeah that too and there was a combination where we thought we had something and we didn’t. So it was our error on that and like I said, they made a good one and we certainly we learned from it and we can’t wait to get back here and get started again Sunday.”

On if there were any lessons learned from the two untimely pass interference calls: No we do and coach [Pete Carroll] does a job. We watch penalties and stuff from around the league even, in our meetings. But nothing there for us… no different. They make the call. They don’t, it’s not one where we go, ‘Awe geez.’ It’s kind of like, ‘Let’s play the next play.’ It’s nothing that we get too wrapped in. The thing we try to do is just educate what’s going on around the league, in terms of, ‘This was called in this game. This was called in this game. This was called in this game.’ It’s called tight. No doubt and we challenge and we play at the line and we like that style. So for us, it’s important just to know what’s kind of the climate of how it’s being called.”

On Jordan Hill’s performance: “You know, it’s good to have him back out for the first time. I think he ended up with about… maybe between 13 and 15, 20 plays. So it was good to see him and he’s an active guy. When he’s on the move, he’s effective. So we’re glad to have him back and now it’s ready to move forward with him. But I thought that for the first outing for him, he did a good job.”

On if Coach Quinn looks at Jordan Hill being a key third down player: “You’d think that’s one of his strengths as a rusher. Whether it’s on first or second down and they’re in some passing groups, or as a third down… But the other guys inside have done a good job too. We move Mike [Michael Bennett] some inside and I thought that Clinton McDonald has been somebody who’s done a nice job attacking the quarterback inside. And a guy that we don’t talk about a lot, but is kind of a guy who has come in and work and I think that he’s had a couple of hits on the QB. Had one last week. So he’s also been another guy inside… we don’t talk about a lot. But he’s kind of a guy that grinds and does a good job for us.”