They are ranked as high as No. 4 by and Yahoo! Sports and as low as No. 10 by

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The Seahawks’ offensive struggles during their 25-20 loss to the Saints on Sunday in New Orleans is a concern for the national members in our latest survey of NFL power rankings.

The Seattle offense had just one offensive TD vs. the Saints, which entered the game ranked 29th in the NFL in total defense. Sunday’s showing led to all of the media members in our survey to downgrade the Seahawks (4-2-1) in their rankings. They are ranked as high as No. 4 by and Yahoo! Sports and as low as No. 10 by

Up next are the Buffalo Bills (4-4) on Monday Night Football. The Bills are coming off a 41-25 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday. Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m., and ESPN has the telecast. The Seahawks are favored by 6 1/2 points.

Buffalo is ranked as high as 13th by and as low as 21st by CBS Sports.

Here’s our roundup of Week 9 NFL power rankings:


Seahawks rank: 6 (3 last week).

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks’ offense has scored just one touchdown in the last nine quarters. Something needs to change.

Bills rank: 16 (12).

Bills comment: The Bills will be bringing a familiar face to Seattle this weekend: suddenly unretired receiver Percy Harvin. Interesting to see the reception he’ll get from his former teammates.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Kansas City; 5, Oakland.

SI.COM (Chris Burke)

Seahawks rank: 7 (5).

Seahawks comment: As of Wednesday’s Power Rankings release, it has been exactly one month since Russell Wilson either ran or threw for a touchdown. The Seahawks are 1-1-1 in that stretch — or, as it’s known in this year’s NFC West, “a decent little run.” Sooner or later, Wilson will have to heat up if Seattle is to make any noise outside its own division.

Bills rank: 15 (9).

Bills comment: When asked following Sunday’s loss to New England if his 4-4 team still could win the AFC East, Rex Ryan said, “I think it’s unrealistic …” and “I don’t see that happening.” Which is like yelling at a kid that there’s no Santa Claus. O.K., sure, it’s true, but you don’t say that out loud.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Kansas City; 5, Oakland.

MMQB’S FINE 15 (Jenny Vrentas)

Seahawks rank: 5 (3).

Seahawks comment: There’s reason for concern in Seattle. Russell Wilson hasn’t scored a TD since Week 4. He gutted through early-season ankle and knee injuries, but it’s clear they’re still bothering him, and the Seahawks’ bye week is already in the rearview mirror.

Bills rank: 14 (13).

Bills comment: This is how bad the injury situation is for the Bills’ offense. Robert Woods, who has been in a walking boot, was forced into emergency duty in Sunday’s game because the Bills were down to just two other receivers. They really need that bye week. But first, they have a trip to Seattle.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Minnesota; 5, Seattle.


Seahawks rank: 4 (2).

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks are still a top-five team, but that’s mostly thanks to their defense. QB Russell Wilson doesn’t seem himself lately (thanks to injuries, among other factors), and his rushing numbers back that up. Wilson has 44 rush yards this season, tied for 20th among quarterbacks. Whom is he tied with? Tom Brady.

Bills rank: 18 (16).

Bills comment: The Bills are 1-3 in division games this season, with the only win coming against the Jacoby Brissett-led Patriots in Week 4. As the AFC East gets more muddled, those losses could come back to bite the Bills. They look to right the ship Monday at Seattle.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Seattle; 5, Green Bay.

YAHOO! SPORTS (Frank Schwab)

Seahawks rank: 4 (2).

Seahawks comment: I’ll go down with the ship on this: This is the team with the highest upside in the NFC and if they ever get it clicking, they’ll go back to a Super Bowl. But it keeps getting harder to maintain patience for them to start looking like the Seahawks again.

Bills rank: 15 (13).

Bills comment: Mike Gillislee looked pretty good in an extended role, with 85 yards on 12 carries. If LeSean McCoy has to miss more time, the Bills don’t have to worry about the running game.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Seattle; 5, Kansas City.


Seahawks rank: 5 (4).

Seahawks comment: They can’t run ball, Russell Wilson continues to labor, and they had another special teams breakdown Sunday. Yet they remain in first place.

Bills rank: 16 (13).

Bills comment: Just when it looks like Rex might be off hot seat, he fails to protect LeSean McCoy and incites beatdown from Pats. Next up, a trip to Seattle.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Atlanta; 5, Seattle.

NFL.COM (Elliot Harrison)

Seahawks rank: 10 (4).

Seahawks comment: Despite the loss to the Saints, Seattle retains first place in the NFC West — by multiple games in the loss column, mind you — in what is suddenly a subpar NFC West. Seahawks fans were ticked off about the officiating in New Orleans, and for valid reasons: 11 of them — as in, the number of penalties on Seattle, as opposed to the two called on New Orleans. That said, minus a big defensive play and super-fun trick play (Tanner McEvoy strikes again!), the Saints dominated this team in the first half. Yet, Pete Carroll underlined the positives in postgame — including the final Seahawks salvo — without dwelling on all of the downside. It’s downright amazing how Carroll keeps this group upbeat, and should not be underrated in the organization’s success. His energy is not limited to running around in khakis on the sideline. Seattle will make the playoffs, again. This was just a bump-in-the-road loss.

Bills rank: 13 (13).

Bills comment: Ugly, ugly, ugly. Or Uggs. Tom Brady was so on point Sunday he could’ve borrowed Gisele’s pair and still stepped up in the pocket to hit Rob Gronkowski (Buffalo-area native) or Chris Hogan (in a Pats uniform! Yuck!) or Danny Amendola (who seems to play like Randy Moss in Buffalo). Inexplicable that a top-flight defense, with a raucous home crowd behind it, could let Brady go 9 for 13 on third down. Or pile up four touchdown passes. Or move his career record to 26-3 against the Bills. At first blush, I’d qualify Monday’s road game in Seattle a must-win, because going from 4-2 to 4-5 wouldn’t bode well for a franchise with an endless playoff drought. Then again, the schedule does let up in the second half of the season. Still, you don’t want to enter the Week 10 bye while falling into a tailspin.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Kansas City; 5, Atlanta.

CBS SPORTS (Pete Prisco)

Seahawks rank: 8 (5).

Seahawks comment: They just can’t get anything going on offense. They have one offensive touchdown the past two games.

Bills rank: 21 (20).

Bills comment: All the playoff talk has quieted with two consecutive losses. Now comes a brutal trip to Seattle for a Monday night game.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas, 3, Denver; 4, Kansas City; 5, Atlanta.

FOX SPORTS (Cameron DaSilva)

Seahawks rank: 5 (3).

Seahawks comment: Seattle has serious problems on offense, particularly in protecting Russell Wilson. The defense is still one of the best in football, but keeping Wilson upright has to be priority No. 1. The fact that the Saints limited them offensively is concerning and could be Seattle’s downfall.

Bills rank: 17 (14).

Bills comment: The Bills were once again a letdown, this time against the Patriots. The offense is struggling without LeSean McCoy, and Tyrod Taylor is extremely thin on receivers to throw to. As a result, Buffalo has a hard time scoring points. This is still a decent team, but the playoffs might not be in the Bills’ future after two straight losses.

Top 5: 1. New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Atlanta; 5, Seattle.


Seahawks rank: 9 (4).

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks should be thinking about giving Russell Wilson a week or two off in order to get him healthy for the playoff run. Or there won’t be one.

Bills rank: 16 (15).

Bills comment: Sure, they lost. But Sunday’s game could be the moment on which a new trend emerged regarding the ritual of throwing specific things onto the field.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Oakland; 5, Atlanta.

BLEACHER REPORT (Kristopher Knox)

Seahawks rank: 8 (4).

Seahawks comment: None.

Bills rank: 15 (13).

Bills comment: None.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Denver; 4, Oakland; 5, Kansas City.


Seahawks rank: 7 (3).

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks fall from No. 3 to No. 7 because we really don’t know what’s going on with the offense. Seattle managed to only score 13 points against a porous New Orleans defense that’s allowing an average of 32.5 points per game. The other seven points came courtesy of safety Earl Thomas, who recovered a fumble and ran it back for a touchdown.

Bills rank: 14 (12.)

Bills comment: None.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Dallas; 4, Minnesota; 4, Atlanta.