The Seahawks are ranked as high as No. 2 and as low as No. 5 in our survey of national media members. Their opponent Sunday, the Saints, are ranked as high as No. 22 and as low as No. 27.

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The Seahawks are coming off a 6-6 tie against the Arizona Cardinals, and that result has led to mixed opinions in our latest survey of NFL power rankings.

Most of the national media members in our survey were impressed with the Seahawks’ dominating defensive performance Sunday night vs. the Cardinals, but they also have questions about Seattle’s woeful offensive showing.

The Seahawks (4-1-1) are ranked as high as No. 2 by and as low as No. 5 by and CBS Sports.

They likely will get a chance to get their offense back on track this weekend against the defensively challenged Saints in New Orleans. Kickoff is at 10 a.m. Sunday, and Fox (Ch. 13) has the telecast. The Seahawks are favored by 2 1/2 points.

The Saints (2-4) are ranked as high as No. 22 in multiple power rankings and as low as No. 27 by Fox Sports.

Here’s our roundup of Week 8 NFL power rankings:


Seahawks rank: 3 (3 last week).

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks rank 23rd in the NFL with just two rushing plays of at least 20 yards. They ranked 9th last year and third two years ago.

Saints rank: 29 (26).

Saints comment: The Saints struggle stopping the run on defense, which could be just the cure for Seattle’s struggling rushing attack.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Seattle; 4, Minnesota; 5, Denver.

SI.COM (Chris Burke)

Seahawks rank: 5 (4).

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks had been 0–12 all-time when scoring six points in a game, so Sunday’s tie is a baby step in the right direction there. I mean, overall, the Seattle-Arizona conclusion set the league back 40 years, but in terms of that one, very specific, very meaningless piece of Seahawks history, it’s an improvement.

Saints rank: 22 (20).

Saints comment: The number that sums up the Saints’ state of being is 24.3. That’s how many first downs per game New Orleans is averaging this season, the league’s most prolific rate. It’s also how many first downs per game New Orleans is allowing this season, the league’s worst rate.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Minnesota; 4, Denver; 5, Seattle.

MMQB.COM’S FINE 15 (Jenny Vrentas)

Seahawks rank: 3 (3).

Seahawks comment: The kicking epidemic reaches Seattle. Pete Carroll is bewildered.

Saints rank: Not ranked.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Minnesota; 3, Seattle; 4, Dallas; 5, Denver.


Seahawks rank: 2 (3).

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks have lost only one game so far this season, but things are off in Seattle. For starters, the team is averaging only 3.1 yards per rush this season, second worst in the NFL. A trip to New Orleans could help the Seahawks get the running game back on track.

Saints rank: 25 (20).

Saints comment: It’s rare for the Saints’ defense to hold opponents to fewer than 30 points, but New Orleans has not taken advantage of those rare instances. They are 0-2 in such games this season. The defense could hold again against Seattle this week, but points will be tough to come by.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Seattle; 3, Denver; 4, Dallas; 5, Minnesota.

YAHOO! SPORTS (Frank Schwab)

Seahawks rank: 2 (2).

Seahawks comment: Another Seahawks injury note: Tyler Lockett is a good receiver and he hasn’t been right most of this season because of a knee injury. He’ll come alive in the second half. And also, running back Thomas Rawls should return sometime in November.

Saints rank: 23 (24).

Saints comment: Rookie receiver Michael Thomas is looking like a home-run pick. The second-round pick had 10 catches for 130 yards on Sunday, and has 437 yards and three touchdowns in six games.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Seattle; 3, Dallas; 4, Minnesota; 5, Denver.


Seahawks rank: 4 (3).

Seahawks comment: It’s a treat to watch that defense. But will shabby O-line and absence of their top running back scuttle any Super Bowl aspirations?

Saints rank: 24 (21).

Saints comment: Drew Brees has already produced record four 5,000-yard passing seasons, and he’s now on pace to become the first 5,500-yard man.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Denver; 3, Dallas; 4, Seattle; 5, Minnesota.

NFL.COM (Elliot Harrison)

Seahawks rank: 4 (4).

Seahawks comment: All those people on Twitter who complained that Seahawks-Cardinals was an awful football game need to reassess what the sport is all about. What I saw was a Seahawks defense that wanted that game badly. On a night the offense couldn’t move the football, Pete Carroll’s defense and special teams did everything in their power to produce a scoring opportunity. Now if the general fantasy fan wants to hate on something, how about hating on coaches always playing for the field goal? Thought Seattle should’ve kept moving for a touchdown. The offense hadn’t turned over the football all night. Carroll shouldn’t have worried they were about to start almost 75 minutes in.

Saints rank: 26 (23).

Saints comment: Much like the Colts, the Saints’ fortunes come down to whether or not their quarterback can keep them ahead in the weekly track meet. Coordinator Dennis Allen’s defense has shown signs of improvement, even if the unit is far from playoff-viable. New Orleans allowed 326 yards in Kansas City — OK-ish, and certainly not a bad number. The Saints also limited the Chiefs to three of nine on third-down conversions. But in the early portions of the contest, when Drew Brees was so-so, the rest of the roster couldn’t pick up the game for the quarterback like the Saints were able to do in San Diego in Week 4. And that’s been the case all too often over the last several seasons.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Minnesota; 3, Dallas; 4, Seattle; 5, Denver.

CBS SPORTS (Pete Prisco)

Seahawks rank: 5 (3).

Seahawks comment: The offensive line is struggling, which is why they are having issues on that side of the ball. The defense keeps them in games.

Saints rank: 23 (18).

Saints comment: They just aren’t good enough on defense. Even when Drew Brees rolls up big numbers, it’s not good enough.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Minnesota; 4, Green Bay; 5, Seattle.

FOX SPORTS (Cameron DaSilva)

Seahawks rank: 3 (4).

Seahawks comment: After a 6-6 tie with the Cardinals, it’s hard to bump the Seahawks up much. However, it was ultimately a win for them as they were completely dominated for 75 minutes and still came away without an additional loss on their record. as bad as the game was, the Seahawks defense proved it’s legit and still one of the league’s best.

Saints rank: 27 (23).

Saints comment: The Saints are essentially wasting Drew Brees’ talent with a bad team, particularly on defense. The future Hall of Famer won’t be able to carry this team to eight wins in 2016, which is unfortunate given the way he’s played. The defense can’t stop anyone and it’s the reason they’ll miss out on the playoffs.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Seattle; 4, Denver; 5, Minnesota.


Seahawks rank: 4 (3).

Seahawks comment: There’s a sense that the wheels could come off at any point for this team. There’s also a sense they’ll eventually mash on the gas pedal. It remains to be seen which one happens first.

Saints rank: 26 (23).

Saints comment: This could be a little awkward when Jimmy Graham returns to New Orleans on Sunday.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3; Minnesota; 4, Seattle; 5, Green Bay.

BLEACHER REPORT (Kristopher Knox)

Seahawks rank: 4 (7).

Seahawks comment: The previously undefeated Vikings lost on Sunday, while the Seahawks were forced to settle for a tie. In both cases, shaky offensive lines were partially to blame. This brings up a fair question for teams like Minnesota and Seattle. As great as these teams seem to be, can they survive deep into the postseason with such a huge weakness? The reality is that it’s hard to imagine either team being a true title contender without first addressing the line. Pro Football Focus rates Seattle dead last in pass blocking. Minnesota is rated 31st in pass blocking, and the Broncos are 29th. The good news for contending teams looking for line help is that there are a couple of premier options out there. Mike Florio of reported that the Cleveland Browns are at least listening to offers for Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas, and the San Francisco 49ers are doing the same for Pro Bowl tackle Joe Staley.  Browns head coach Hue Jackson has shot down the idea of trading away his one proven commodity. “Joe Thomas has a lot to do with what we’re trying to accomplish here in the future,” Jackson said, per’s Conor Orr. “So like you said, there’s a lot of reports, and that’s just what they are.” Still, there’s a big difference between not actively looking to move a player and hearing out offers. If a contending team really wants to shore up its line, it can at least try targeting either Thomas or Staley.

Saints rank: 26 (21).

Saints comment: None.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Dallas; 3, Minnesota; 4, Seattle; 5, Denver.

SB NATION (Adam Stites)

Seahawks rank: 3 (3).

Seahawks comment: None.

Saints rank: 22 (22).

Saints comment: None.

Top 5: 1, New England; 2, Minnesota; 3, Seattle; 4, Denver; 5, Dallas.