Among the various national observers, Seattle is ranked as high as No. 2 and as low as No. 7.

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The Seahawks’ win over Atlanta last week might have been far from overwhelming, but it was a victory nonetheless.

And when it comes to power rankings, the bottom line is much more important than the process (rendering meaningless the question of whether Julio Jones was interfered with on the Falcons’ last offensive play). In this week’s power rankings, Seattle is ranked as high as No. 2 and as low as No. 7. While those rankings keep the Seahawks among the league’s elites, they are 2 1/2-point underdogs for Sunday night’s game at Arizona.

Here are this week’s power rankings for the Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals:

SI.COM (Chris Burke)

Seahawks rank: 4 (7)

Seahawks comment: A win in Arizona this week would all but lock up the NFC West for the Seahawks in October, so they’re not going to panic over anything yet. But their run game still needs help. They’re currently on pace for 1,420 yards rushing this season, which would be the fifth-lowest total in team history.

Cardinals rank: 12 (15)

Cardinals comment: The Cardinals’ offense is undergoing a transition akin to a dad teaching his son how to drive a car. It starts with the dad giving directions from the passenger seat while the son takes a spin in an empty parking lot, and ends with the son speeding off while the dad stands wistful in the driveway. So, hey Carson Palmer, just give David Johnson the keys already.

MMQB.COM’s Fine 15 (Jenny Vrentas)

Seahawks rank: 3 (7)

Seahawks comment: Consider this milestone: Russell Wilson, third-round pick, is the fastest player in NFL history to reach 50 wins.

Cardinals rank: 16 (16)

Cardinals comment: None.


Seahawks rank: 3 (5)

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks have a great defense and great supporting cast, but when things get down to the nitty-gritty, that’s when Russell Wilson really shines. He has 15 game-winning drives since entering the NFL in 2012, tied for second in the league over that span.

Cardinals rank: 13 (10)

Cardinals comment: Carson Palmer had a strong bounce-back game against the Jets, taking no sacks and throwing no picks. Palmer’s best work, however, was handing off or throwing to David Johnson, who leads the NFL with 833 yards from scrimmage this season.

YAHOO! SPORTS (Frank Schwab)

Seahawks rank: 2 (3)

Seahawks comment: The Vikings are a very good team, and I assume most power rankings will have them No. 1 or 2 because they’re undefeated. And that’s fine. But if the Vikings and Seahawks played tomorrow on a neutral field, I’d pick the Seahawks. We haven’t seen close to the best of them yet on offense, because of injuries. But we started to see it in their last game, against the Jets.

Cardinals rank: 13 (18)

Cardinals comment: The Cardinals have insisted here and there that Drew Stanton could be their next starter when Carson Palmer retires. Assuming you watched last Thursday night’s game, you know that Arizona better start figuring out Plan B for Palmer’s retirement.


Seahawks rank: 3 (4)

Seahawks comment: After allowing one TD pass in first four games, no surprise Richard Sherman and Co. were angry and confused after getting hit with three Sunday.

Cardinals rank: 15 (18)

Cardinals comment: RB David Johnson has five TDs over past two games, both Arizona wins. It appears Bruce Arians’ play-calling duties just got easier.

NFL.COM (Elliot Harrison)

Seahawks rank: 4 (3)

Seahawks comment: If pro football is about survival for four quarters, then I present to you “Falcons at Seahawks.” Holy cow. Seattle got off to a fast start, then let Matt Ryan throw all over the place. Then came a botched snap on a Steven Hauschka field-goal try with the ‘Hawks down seven. Still, Russell Wilson and Co. were pesky, scoring a would-be tying TD … only to have the PAT blocked. Pete Carroll lost his best pass rusher along the way. Finally, Seattle had to hold the best scoring offense in the league on four downs. Football is freaking stressful.

Cardinals rank: 8 (13)

Cardinals comment: Look out, NFL. The offense looked balanced behind phenom David Johnson. The defense? Made big plays all over the field, including a red-zone takeaway to thwart the Jets’ last real chance to get in the game. Agreed with Jon Gruden on the ESPN broadcast that Michael Floyd’s prospective reemergence could be the key to Arizona reemerging as an NFC contender. The lone downer: Seeing Jaron Brown, a solid contributor, get hurt on a meaningless completion late. Hate that kind of stuff.


Seahawks rank: 3 (4)

Seahawks comment: They rallied against the Falcons to show they are still one of the elite of the NFC. The defense showed some leakage, though.

Cardinals rank: 16 (17)

Cardinals comment: They looked good beating the Jets, but now they face a big division battle with the rival Seahawks. Are they ready for that?

FOX SPORTS.COM (Cameron DaSilva)

Seahawks rank: 4 (9)

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks escaped with a controversial win over the Falcons thanks to a no-call on fourth down, but that doesn’t undermine how good they are as a team. They’ve finally found a rhythm on offense and the defense is playing extremely well, even against a powerhouse like the Falcons. They’re once again a top team in the NFC.

Cardinals rank: 10 (12)

Cardinals comment: Are the Cardinals back? Was a game against the paltry Jets all they needed? There’s still a long way to go before we crown them an NFC powerhouse, but perhaps this was the spark Arizona needed. David Johnson is an absolute stud, and the secondary is playing as well as any in the NFL – mostly thanks to Tyrann Mathieu moving back to nickel corner.


Seahawks rank: 3 (3)

Seahawks comment: They haven’t been necessarily crisp or dominant all year, and they still keep winning. In other words, it could be time to secure the No. 1 seed in the NFC, again.

Cardinals rank: 14 (18)

Cardinals comment: David Johnson will soon be the best running back in the NFL. And by soon I mean right now.

BLEACHER REPORT (Kristopher Knox)

Seahawks rank: 7 (7)

Seahawks comment: None.

Cardinals rank: 15  (12)

Cardinals comment: None.

SBNATION (Adam Stites)

Seahawks rank: 3 (5)

Seahawks comment: None.

Cardinals rank: 12 (16)

Cardinals comment: None.


Seahawks rank: 2 (5)

Seahawks comment: Beat the high-flying Falcons in a squeaker, which propels them to 4-1 and up three spots to their highest ranking yet. The Seahawks will be in the national spotlight on Sunday night when they visit the Cardinals, which will be another good test for surging Seattle.

Cardinals rank: 13 (16)

Cardinals comment: They’re back to .500 with their second consecutive win – a 28-3 rout of the sinking Jets – and now we get to find out if second-year running back David Johnson can carry the load like he has the past two weeks and help the Cardinals do something they haven’t been able to do under coach Bruce Arians. That would be finding a way to beat the Seahawks at University of Phoenix Stadium. They are 0-3 when Seattle visits. This year’s game is Sunday night on NBC. You don’t want to miss it.