A sampling of national-media reaction after the Seahawks emerged with a 12-10 victory over the Dolphins in their season opener.

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The Seahawks pulling out a close game late? That’s not new.

But that didn’t make it any easier to take for Seattle fans on Sunday.

The Seahawks entered the season opener at CenturyLink Field against the Dolphins as heavy favorites and ended up needing a touchdown pass by a gimpy Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin in the final minute to pull out a 12-10 victory.

It was a day that began with the team’s show of unity during the national anthem and ended with relief over having emerged with a victory, though concerns remain about Wilson’s ankle and how effective he can be going forward.

Seahawks 12, Dolphins 10


The national media had plenty to digest from Sunday’s game, and below is a sampling of what they had to say:

Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback pointed out this was Wilson’s 75th career NFL game and why that mattered:

“Russell Wilson has never missed a game in his four-plus professional seasons. The Seahawks’ win over Miami on Sunday was Wilson’s 75th NFL game, and he’s started them all. That helps debunk the not-big-and-sturdy-enough myth about Wilson. His performance has debunked everything else. One more bit of significance about 75: That’s where Wilson was picked in the draft—74 spots after Robert Griffin III.”

Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop wrote about the team’s show of unity during the national anthem:

“The Seahawks called their linkage a demonstration of unity rather than a protest, a collective action meant to spur dialogue and education. It was not, they said, unlike the message sent by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick when he didn’t stand for the national anthem in recent games. ‘Yes, there are things in our country that need to be changed,’ says Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin, who told SI.com he spoke to Kaepernick “almost every day” for the last two weeks.”

Chris Wesseling of NFL.com posted five takeaways from Sunday’s game:

“Kept out of the end zone for 59 minutes, Russell Wilson responded to Ryan Tannehill‘s 86-yard, go-ahead touchdown drive with his own 14-play, 75-yard drive culminating in a feathery two-yard touchdown toss to Doug Baldwin. Playing behind an interior offensive line that provided no push, Wilson struggled to go downfield all afternoon until the final possession. Due to an accidental third-quarter ankle twisting by Ndamukong Suh, Wilson’s mobility was a non-factor and his accuracy took a hit when he had trouble putting his lower body into his throws. Seahawks fans have grown accustomed to early-season rust, as Tom Cable tinkers with his undermanned offensive line.”

Ryan O’Hanlon of The Ringer was not impressed by the Seahawks’ performance on Sunday:

“The early returns from the Post-Lynch Era in Seattle are in, and while the record says ‘1–0,’ the subtext is ‘mediocre football team.’ The list of problems is already too long: (1) Against Miami, Seattle’s best player was Cassius Marsh, who is a real person and not a collection of polygons spit out by the Madden draft generator; (2) Ndamukong Suh, as Ndamukong Suh does, stepped on Wilson’s ankle, hobbling Seattle’s QB for the rest of the game and possibly even longer; (3) despite setting a career-high in pass attempts, Wilson was played toe to toe by Ryan Tannehill; (4) all-world safety Earl Thomas looked lost, like he’d been tricked into studying a fake playbook during the offseason; (5) The gaggle of sub–Beast Mode running backs couldn’t crack 3.5 yards per carry.”

ESPN.com’s Sheil Kapadia pointed out how the offense might tweak in the wake of Wilson’s injury:

“Asked how different it was for him to stay inside the pocket, Wilson said with a smile, ‘Last year I stayed in the pocket and just hung out there, and it worked out pretty well. I don’t mind standing in the pocket. That’s a good thing.'”

Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports’ Shutdown Corner blog said the Seahawks have a chance to win as long as Wilson can play:

“Suddenly, throwing on second-and-goal doesn’t seem so bad for the Seattle Seahawks. In what nearly was a stunning upset in which their star quarterback suffered a concerning injury, the Seahawks reversed the narrative. Russell Wilson drove the Seahawks 14 plays and 75 yards in the final four minutes as they scratched out a win over the Miami Dolphins, 12-10.”

USA Today listed the Seahawks on its 40 things we learned in Week 1 post:

“Food for thought: Seahawks win with 12 points. They call their fans the 12s. When they won the Super Bowl three years ago, they scored 12 points in the opener. Where else can you get this kind of inside info?”