The Seahawks drop four spots after their loss to the Rams, but QB Russell Wilson is closing in on a franchise record.

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1. Arizona (13-2)

Last week: 2

The Cardinals are the only NFL team with more touchdowns (57) this season than punts (54). For a little perspective, the Houston Texans, a possible playoff team, have 56 more punts than touchdowns. Oh, and the Cardinals have won nine in a row.

2. Carolina (14-1)

Last week: 1

3. New England (12-3)

Last week: 3

It was the most controversial decision of the weekend: Patriots coach Bill Belichick won the coin toss in overtime and elected to kick off instead of taking the ball, the more conventional option. It backfired when the Jets scored a touchdown and won the game. But Belichick stood by his decision Monday, saying he thought it was the right call at the time because of how his defense had played.

4. Denver (11-4)

Last week: 9

5. Kansas City (10-5)

Last week: 8

The Chiefs have won nine consecutive games, and yet it seems no one fears them going into the playoffs. I don’t know what this says about this Chiefs — or us — but it’s interesting.

6. Cincinnati (11-4)

Last week: 4

7. New York Jets (10-5)

Last week: 10

Turns out quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will cost the Jets a sixth-round pick in next year’s draft, which seems like a steal right now. Fitzpatrick is tied for the team’s season passing touchdowns record, and one New York columnist wrote that Fitzpatrick should get MVP consideration.

8. Green Bay (10-5)

Last week: 6

9. Seattle (9-6)

Last week: 5

Russell Wilson needs 173 yards to become the first quarterback in franchise history to pass for 4,000 in a season. But one troubling trend: He has been hit 24 times in the past two games.

10. Minnesota (10-5)

Last week: 11

11. Pittsburgh (9-6)

Last week: 7

12. Washington (8-7)

Last week: 12

13. Houston (8-7)

Last week: 13

The Texans look like they’ll make the playoffs having played the following quarterbacks: Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, T.J. Yates and Brandon Weeden.

14. St. Louis (7-8)

Last week: 15

15. N.Y. Giants (6-9)

Last week: 14


16. Oakland (7-8)

Last week: 17

Hats off to Charles Woodson, the future Hall of Fame cornerback who announced his retirement after this season, his 18th in the league.

17. Indianapolis (7-8)

Last week: 18

18. Atlanta (8-7)

Last week: 20

Former Seahawks defensive end O’Brien Schofield had some harsh words for the Panthers after Schofield’s Falcons handed Carolina its first loss: “If you handle yourself with class, you don’t have to worry about that,” Schofield told “But you see, they didn’t handle themselves with class the first time we played. So I didn’t care about how they were feeling after this game. I was ‘dabbing’ all in their faces.”

19. Buffalo (7-8)

Last week: 19

20. Chicago (6-9)

Last week: 23

21. Detroit (6-9)

Last week: 22

The Lions have an interesting decision to make with coach Jim Caldwell: On one hand, Caldwell went to the playoffs last year and his team has won five of its past seven games. On the other hand, the Lions will miss the playoffs this season and started 1-7.

22. Philadelphia (6-9)

Last week: 16

23. Tampa Bay (6-9)

Last week: 21

24. New Orleans (6-9)

Last week: 25

Former Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner has been flagged 24 times this season, breaking the NFL’s record for most penalties by a player in a season.

25. Jacksonville (5-9)

Last week: 24

26. Baltimore (5-10)

Last week: 29

27. San Diego (4-11)

Last week: 26

Strange-but-true file: The Chargers fined star safety Eric Weddle $10,000 for staying on the field at halftime during a game to watch his daughter perform with the Chargers’ cheerleaders at halftime. The relationship between Weddle and the team has been strained for some time because of contract talks, but this seems like the end of Weddle’s nine-year stint in San Diego.

28. Miami (5-10)

Last week: 27

29. Dallas (4-11)

Last week: 28

30. San Francisco (4-11)

Last week: 30

The most interesting news around the 49ers this week was that former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren is interested in coaching the 49ers. Holmgren has said this previously on KJR, but with first-year coach Jim Tomsula’s future uncertain, would San Francisco have interest in the 67-year-old Holmgren?

31. Cleveland (3-12)

Last week: 31

32. Tennessee (3-12)

Last week: 32