After falling out of the top-10 last week, the Seahawks are back. But they're still behind five other NFC teams in what is becoming a crowded conference playoff chase.

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The NFL may be the league of Any Given Sunday.

But last Sunday (and Thursday and Monday) was about as status quo as the league can get.

Of the 14 teams that were favored, 11 won. The three favored teams that lost were all teams with losing records playing other teams with losing or .500 records and only mildly favored (the biggest “upset’’ of the weekend was Green Bay winning at Chicago as a five-point underdog).

Teams at the top of just about everyone’s power rankings such as New Orleans, Minnesota, the Rams and New England all won handily.
Meaning, as the league enters its second half, the strong appear to be getting stronger and the weak playing out the string.
What’s also becoming apparent is the strength of the NFC.

After last weekend’s games, the combined point differential for the NFC was plus-203 (meaning the AFC was obviously at minus-203) with every NFC division having a combined point differential of at least plus-19, with every AFC division having a combined point differential of at least minus-22.

In other words, the harder thing for an NFC team to do this year may be getting to the Super Bowl rather than winning it.