Russell Wilson appears to be in midseason form already, and that should be a scary notion for the rest of the NFL.

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Are we sure he’s not a magician?

Maybe there’s some wizardry somewhere in the Wilson lineage, as well.

Or perhaps, Russell Wilson is just one special quarterback, capable of making plays like these in Thursday’s preseason game against the Cowboys in Seattle:

Seahawks 27, Cowboys 17



On third down, Wilson dropped back to pass, only to find his receivers covered and the pocket quickly collapsing. But when you’re part wizard, you don’t simply allow the defense to sack you. Instead, Wilson spun, then spun again, then pump faked — all before finding Tyler Lockett in the corner of the end zone.

It’s still preseason, but that play is reminiscent of what Seahawks fans have become accustom to seeing in big moments come fall and winter.

Wilson, who got his longest bout of playing time so far this preseason Thursday, finished the evening 16-for-21 with two spectacular touchdown passes against the Cowboys.

Here’s a look at the first one: