Seattle receivers recreated one of the most famous plays in Seahawks history following a touchdown in the first quarter.

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Maybe somebody somewhere took it as the ultimate troll job when the Seahawks receivers re-created Richard Sherman’s famous tip following the first touchdown of Sunday’s 43-16 win over the 49ers.

In fact, even Doug Baldwin, a close friend of Sherman’s and a teammate for 11 years at Stanford and with the Seahawks, wondered if that’s how it might be perceived when he was initially approached with the idea, saying he was at first reluctant to go along with it.

“I was worried how the fans would receive it,” Baldwin said.


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But eventually, Baldwin came around to the idea that it would be taken as how it was meant: “A tribute.”

“The more I thought about it, I thought, ‘Yeah, let’s do it,”’ Baldwin said. “‘Let’s do it as a tribute to my brother.”’

The celebration, a re-creation of Sherman’s tip of a Colin Kaepernick pass that was intercepted by Malcolm Smith to clinch Seattle’s win over the 49ers in the 2013 NFC Championship game — came after a 4-yard pass from Russell Wilson to Jaron Brown put Seattle up 6-0 against the 49ers in the first quarter. (Sebastian Janikowski missed the PAT, his first of the season).

After the touchdown, Brown ran to the other side and joined Baldwin, David Moore and Tyler Lockett to recreate the famous play in the same part of the end zone where it took place.

Baldwin played Sherman’s role, tipping the pass to Moore, who played the role of Smith, while Lockett played the role of “mediocre receiver” Michael Crabtree. Brown played the role of Kaepernick, throwing the pass.

Lockett said it was not an accident that Baldwin played the role of Sherman.

“We kind of just talked as a group and said, ‘Who wants to throw the ball? Who wants to play Crabtree? And who wants to be Sherm?”’ Lockett said. “And we all thought Doug should be Sherm.”’

The re-creation came as officials conferred over a penalty called on the 49ers, and that apparently caused the FOX-TV broadcast to miss it.

But the Seahawks and at least two Seattle fans posted a Tweet with some video of the celebration.

Sherman was on the field for the play, as was Smith, though Sherman was not covering Brown.

Like the TV cameras, Sherman also claimed to have missed the celebration tribute to him when it happened.

“I didn’t even see it. I don’t think about it honestly,” Sherman said. “They’ve had a lot of fun with celebrations so that’s good for them.”

The receivers also unveiled a celebration following a Lockett 52-yard TD reception early in the second quarter, “digging for gold,” Lockett said (and yes, maybe a nod to the 49ers).

And after another TD in the second quarter the receivers unveiled another celebration, recreating a scene from the movie “Life.”

And then after a fourth Wilson TD pass in the fourth quarter the Seahawks dusted off the famous Macarena dance from the 1990s.

Lockett said the receivers had a few more ready, if needed.

“We had about three more if anybody was to score after the last one,” he said. “So we still have a good amount. We’ve just got to come up with more just in case something like this happens again.”