"Beast Mode" appeared on Evine TV on Tuesday to help sell his favorite candy -- for real -- as the Seahawks prepare for their final preseason game.

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Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch put on his salesman helmet Tuesday to help sell his favorite candy, which every NFL fan knows to be Skittles.

Famous (not just) for his love of the fruity confection, Lynch joined the TV shopping network Evine to pitch a big-ol’ case of Skittles — 36 packs worth.

In the five-minute segment (video embedded below), host Allison Waggoner tries to get to the bottom of Lynch’s affinity for Skittles, which has become as much a part of his persona as the nickname “Beast Mode.”

“I want to talk about the level of love for Skittles. Like, it’s not just like — you’re not just dating Skittles, you love Skittles,” Waggoner says.

“We intimate,” Lynch replies after a chuckle.

“You love the Skittles?” Waggoner asks.

“We done became one. You want me to show you how it’s done?” Lynch says before popping a Skittle in his mouth. “Now we one.”