Seahawks Luke Willson and Jordan Roos explained the origins behind Techno Thursday on, well, Techno Thursday.

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Yep, the Techno Thursday and accompanying “short shorts’’ at practice movement continues.

As explained last week, a group of Seahawks have begun wearing short shorts during Thursday’s practice, which has been dubbed Techno Thursday thanks to efforts by tight end Luke Willson to try to get the team to play more Techno music during practice.

Last week, 10 Seahawks took part.

Before practice today, Willson predicted that maybe 20 or more would.

He made that prediction during a “press conference’’ in which Willson and offensive lineman Jordan Roos — who originated the “short shorts’’ part of the deal — explained how it all came about and “ripped’’ teammates Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham for not participating.

One notable convert to it all, though, is quarterback Russell Wilson, who last week wore the short shorts and intended to do so again this week.

“You guys will get to see my thighs today,’’ Wilson said.

Last week, though, was easier as the team practiced indoors preparing for heat in New York.

This Thursday Seattle was outside with a home game coming up Sunday against Houston.

There was heated locker room “debate’ among some about the wisdom of freezing.

But to Wilson, Seattle’s quarterback, that was the point.

“I think it’s been a fun process acting silly,’’ Wilson said. “But also I think it brings fun to what we get to do. … It’s always good to see team camaraderie. There are so many different ways that happens. But I guess this is just one, weird interesting way.’’