Russell Wilson showed off his wizardry once again, sending a Falcons defender to the ground from 10 yards away, picking up a remarkable first down along the way.

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You never know when Russell Wilson might whip out his football voodoo. He turned it up to 11 in the second half against the Atlanta Falcons.

Wilson, while leading the Seahawks on a third-quarter scoring drive, needed 13 yards on third down to extend the drive and bring Seattle within field goal range after a Duane Brown holding penalty.

With no one open and the offensive line leaking, Wilson rolled out and proceeded to deliver a pump fake so dirty it sent a Falcons defender to the ground butt-first. Wilson then outran another defender, dove and outstretched the football across the 30-yard line to pick a remarkable third-down conversion.

The drive ended with a Blair Walsh field goal to make it 31-23 in the third quarter.

Watch | Russell Wilson pump fakes Falcons defender