Marshawn Lynch still didn't get the ball from the 2-yard-line.

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It’s the wound that just won’t heal. The joke that, for some, just won’t get old.

The Raiders poked fun at Seahawks’ Super Bowl misfortunes in a new way this week.

With the ball at the Jets’ 2-yard-line, Oakland lined up with Derek Carr under center and Marshawn Lynch behind him in the backfield. Carr can be heard calling audibles at the line, and then: “Seattle! Seattle!”

What happened next?

Well, Oakland did not run the ball from the 2-yard-line. But at least the Raiders didn’t throw a slant. (Is an end zone fade any better?)


Elsewhere in the game, Lynch and Jermaine Kearse each scored their first TDs with the respective new teams. The Seahawks have yet to get into the end zone through their first six quarters of football this season.