Paul Richardson made an incredible catch to give the Seahawks a touchdown vs. the Giants. And it sure looked familiar to Seattle fans.

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The Seahawks broke out a little trickery on a flea flicker as J.D. McKissic tossed the ball back to Russell Wilson, who heaved it 38 yards up to Paul Richardson for the score.

But Richardson had to earn it, as he and Giants safety Landon Collins had simultaneous possession of the football in the air. But, the 183-pound Richardson was able to wrestle the rock away from Collins enough to give the Seahawks the touchdown.

If the play looked familiar, you’re probably remembering a certain touchdown grab by Golden Tate in 2012. Yep, the ‘Fail Mary’ — a play that will live in infamy for the Seahawks.

How similar were the two grabs? See for yourself.