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“Why did they throw it?”

Those five words have eaten away at Seahawks fans since the gut-wrenching interception that sealed their fate in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

Those words also were the first echoed by the cast of Discovery Channel’s popular show “Deadliest Catch.” The crew, like all of us, witnessed as the Patriots’ Malcolm Butler stepped in front of Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette at the goal line to dash the Seahawks’ hopes of consecutive titles. The crew reacted pretty much the same way we all did — with shock.

Like most of his crew, Sig Hansen, the captain of “The Northwestern,” is a huge fan of the Seahawks. And though the episode ends in pain, it’s pretty fun to watch as Hansen and his crew spray-paint their boat in Seahawks blue while getting hyped for the big game.

If the Seahawks make it three Super Bowl appearances in a row, you can bet they’ll be rooting them on again from the Bering Sea.