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Seahawk Kam Chancellor talks to the media Tuesday.

Here is some video of Seattle safety Kam Chancellor talking to the media after Tuesday’s OTA as he discussed his health, the Super Bowl, and more.

Chancellor said he feels better than he ever has at this point in the off-season, calling his recovery from the knee injury suffered two days before the Super Bowl “a miracle.”

Here are some transcribed quotes of what Chancellor had to say:

On how he’s feeling out there: “I feel great. I feel back to football form. Feel fast, feel strong. I just feel good out there.”

On how long after the Super Bowl it took for him to start feeling good: “I started training two weeks after the Super Bowl and then two weeks after that that I start feeling back to normal again. It was a miracle.”

On it seeming like he feels better at this point this year than last year: “Than any year. This is like my strongest offseason since I’ve been in the league because I haven’t been able to train in the offseason because of surgeries. This is my first offseason training without surgeries and I just feel a whole lot stronger at this point.”

On if that was a surprise given how he ended the season banged up: “No, once it happened and they told me it was MCL, I knew I wasn’t getting surgery. Because I had done it once before in college, and I knew it would heal again. And through prayer and drinking right, eating right and getting the proper amount of sleep, it just healed fast.”

On Cary Williams: “He looks good. He’s a smart player. Very long, like the guys that we have in our secondary. He has a lot of attitude. That we like. He has the right attitude. I think he’s going to be a big contributor to our secondary.”

On being teammates now with his half brother, Keenan Lambert: “Oh yeah, he’s been working. He’s been working really hard in college, this offseason. He’s been training with my trainer and I’ve been watching him work. I actually got the chance to train with him for three-four weeks, and just watching him move around, he kind of has all my movements. It’s like he’s been watching me for a long time and not telling me. Cause he has told my coach and my brother that he has been watching for a while and that he idolizes his big brother so that’s one thing that keeps me on the straight track. But he definitely deserves to be out here. He earned the right to be out here. He just wants to work his butt off out here because that’s all we know. We just know how to work.”

On coach Richard splitting his time around the defense now: “Yeah, we still see him when we need to. He’s still there for us when we need him, when we need to talk to him or get something across. But he’s in charge of the defense, the defensive coordinator, and I think it’s a great title for him. He’s a great guy of character. He can teach you how to be a man, but he also teaches you the little things you need to know on the football field. I think being that he taught the secondary and our room the things that we know and how sharp he got our minds, I think by him being over the whole defense, he’s going to sharpen up the whole defense even more.”

On if there is a different feel this offseason than last offseason, given the season outcomes: “Oh yeah, I told a lot of people, it feels like this offseason, everybody worked their hardest. I’ve seen guys out here busting their tails, the whole offseason going fast-tempo. Guys are lifting like crazy. It’s just like the mindset is just sharpened. It just sharpened even more. We’re more focused, more driven. We’re just hungry for the first game of the year.”