Here's all that Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll had to say following the team's mock game/scrimmage Saturday.

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Here’s everything that Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll had to say following the team’s scrimmage Saturday, including injury and personnel updates, thoughts on the scrimmage, and more:

Open: “This is a big conditioning day for them. We ran a lot of plays today, it was a really good day for us. You know what jumped out at me was the corners really came up and made a bunch of plays. We had three interceptions by corners today, which is great to see. There’s a big competition going on there for that right side, and it was good to see those guys battle and make some things happen. Really good day I can’t wait to see the film of all the young offensive linemen to see how they are doing and how far they’ve come in a weeks’ time. This is really something we have a watch on, it’s a very important area of football to develop, so I can’t wait to get upstairs and check that out.”

On having rookies play on the offensive line this year: “Could be. The competition is on so you know anything can happen in a month from now. Give them four games coming up and all that, so we’ll see what happens. We’ve done it before you know, so we can do it again.”

On Mark Glowinski: “Yeah, he’s playing on the left side right now. We’ve moved him over there to get involved in that competition. He’s done some really good things, and he got stuck behind [J.R.] Sweezy so we’ll give him a chance to compete and see where he fits in.”

On the competition for the center position: “That was earlier. Drew Nowak’s doing a really good job right now. Drew’s getting a great shot to show us he fits together with it, and like you said that is a really key spot for competition, and that’s on. Drew’s been doing a good job, he’s come a long way. He’s another guy that’s come from the other side of the ball just a year ago, so he needs every snap to show he’s understanding and he can communicate and all that, but the indications are really good. He’s really strong and he’s showing really good smarts, so we’ll see what happens.”

On Earl Thomas: “What he’s able to take advantage of is the afternoon, the walkthrough periods. He can get in there and get all of his reps there. There’s fifty something snaps in walkthrough that he wasn’t able to get under the conditions of the PUP [Physically Unable to Perform list]. So now he’s back and at least he’s getting half the time. It’s still a couple weeks away, but we’re getting closer and we’re trying to get him involved so that he can continue to progress too. He really is a champion that we’ve moved up to this time and it’s good for him.”

On whether Earl Thomas needs to play in the preseason: “Everybody needs some work but if there’s anybody that’s tuned in and dialed in he’s one of those guys. We’d love to get him to work, we practice so fast that I think he can get his timing and stuff out here. It will still come down to the tackling part, the first time is always a challenge for the guys.”

On putting Cassius Marsh inside the defensive line: “Yeah we’re not doing that, we’re featuring him outside. He really is for us a depth outside guy, we need to leave him there. The fact that Jordan Hill has stepped up, and Frank Clark can play inside for us too, there’s not that sense of urgency. Frank is kind of like he was a year ago, playing him outside and also inside on third down stuff.”

On DT Jordan Hill: “He’s a very active player. He really stays on the move all the time, he’s got a really good motor about him. In compliment to the way Michael [Bennett] works on the other side. You know a lot of attention goes to Mike Bennett, so he had a lot of one-on-ones and he was able to take advantage of that. That happened for Truck (Clinton McDonald) a year ago and he had all kinds of plays he was making, and it looked like Jordan just kind of picked right up in that role. There was available rushes and he was able to take advantage of it, so he looks good he’s having a great camp.”

On WR Kasen Williams: “Yeah, it was good to see him. He’s a tough dude. His senior year didn’t look like the senior year that people probably expected or he expected, and I think he came back from a very, very difficult injury, and he may not have really had all of his confidence back. He’s battling out here, he’s a real tough, aggressive, physical type of receiver, which we love his style, so we’ll just let it keep going. You certainly can go to him, you can throw the ball to him and he’s going to make plays, you can see that. It’s just like the guy he was when we saw him coming out as a senior in high school.”

On trying Douglas McNeil III at CB: “He was doing fine at receiver, but he’s 6’3, he’s really long, he’s really fast and he’s got a real motor about him, he’s a real aggressive kid, so I asked him to go ahead and take a look at him and see if we can put him on that side of the ball and see what would happen. He’s a little bit taller than Sherm [Richard Sherman], he’s a little bit longer than Sherm, he’s about the same speed. Sherm is taking him under his wing and trying to help him as fast as he can to bring him along. I can’t tell you how far he’s come, I don’t know that it’s just the first couple days, but I’m really anxious to see him today because he probably got about 25 to 30 plays out there.”

On the cornerback competition: “It’s still competitive. I want to leave the competition on here for the nickel spot, and Cary’s [Williams] got to push too. Cary’s got all of the experience that you would ever want, but I don’t want to just close the door on the other guys. Tharold Simon’s going to come back in a couple weeks now too. It was great to see Mo [Mohammed] Seisay make a good play today, he’s starting to gain enough plays where we can start to get an evaluation on him. Will Blackmon is a solid contender over there. So we’ll just let these guys keep going and see what happens.”

On the second team offensive line: “Yeah, that’s a tough defensive line they’re going against. The seconds [second team] went against the ones [first team] today, so it’s as hard as it can get for those guys. And there was a few mistakes they let some guys penetrate and all, but that’s to be expected. It couldn’t be any harder, it’s as hard as it gets for those guys. We’ll see how they did, I really can’t tell until I see the film.”

At the competition for nickel CB: “Marcus Burley is the guy that’s in there. Marcus is right in the middle of that competition, and then Tye Smith is showing really coverage skills inside in the one-on-ones that we’ve had so we’ve thrown him in there, so he’s the third guy in the competition right now.”

On Marshawn Lynch having the day off: “Yeah, we need to see the other running backs and get them out there, so this will be a good day to rest him [Lynch]. He’ll come back real strong next week. So he can probably play about 30 or 40 plays in the opener, that isn’t happening.”

On Cooper Helfet not practicing: “Yeah, Coop’s got some ribs, he’s got a little cracked rib.”

On Obum Gwacham not practicing: “Yeah, he’s got, I think it’s an elbow that’s bothering him.”

On the return of other players not practicing due to injury: “Nothing’s changed on those guys. Tharold [Simon] is in the conversation now because he looks really good, he’s really moving around well. I’ve been pushing to get him back a little bit sooner, we thought maybe it would be another week.”

On Terry Poole: “We put him at right tackle. With [Mark] Glowinski going to left guard we think that was the right thing to go ahead and shoot him over there and see how that works. Really we’re experimenting right now to see how it fits.”

On the backup secondary players practicing with the first team: “It’s hugely important. We’re coaching these guys like they are going to play, that’s the way we’re going about it. Steven Terrell’s been getting a lot of work back there, D [DeShawn] Shead’s been getting a bunch of work, and the young guys are getting in there too. If you’ve been watching practice, Dion Bailey is showing up a lot. He’s been very, very active and so this is a great opportunity for those guys. We coach them like they’re starting and talk to them, and expectations are held to just like they’re starting. We have to push them as far as we can because we don’t know what’s going to happen, so that’s the only way we know how to do it. They’re doing well, they’re going for it.”

On Kevin Smith and Derrick Coleman returning to practice: “Yeah, I think Kevin’s really close. We’ll have to see day to day next week. I would love for those guys to get back to the next game, I don’t know if they’re going to make it or not.”

On having continuity in the pass rush: “I think it can be a real positive for us. Bruce [Irvin] is the best he’s been, he’s the strongest he’s been, he’s the heaviest he’s been, the most fit, I think he’s ready to have a terrific season. Cliff [Avril] is really a force, we know Michael [Bennett] is a handful for anybody to try to block, so those guys just being in the same system, same conversation, they know each other really well they can take advantage of all that, hopefully that’s going to work out. Jordan [Hill] did a lot of work with those guys last year too, and then we’d be breaking in Frank [Clark] if Frank can get in to that group. Frank’s going to get a chance, I want to make sure that we see him inside with those guys to see what he brings. We don’t have anybody as fast as him inside, and he’s very aggressive, so he’s going to get a great opportunity to show it as well. It will be one pup and the other guys have been together, so we should be able to bank on that some.”

On Bruce Irvin gaining weight in the offseason: “Just trying to get into the best shape that he can get in, and just work really hard at is. He’s up eight or nine pounds something like that. You can tell he’s more physical throwing guys and getting off the blocks and stuff, it’s obvious, so it’s nice to see.”

On LB Eric Pinkins: “He’s doing okay. Pink has really shown up, he’s giving great effort. The speed that he has is so unusual for that spot, it just jumps out at you. He’s making a lot of progress, he probably is the most improved guy we’ve seen out here. He’s come the furthest and he’s doing well on special teams stuff too so I’m really excited to see him play. I think Pink’s going to need all four games to really get settled because it’s new to him. So we’re not going to just to conclusions after one or two games. We’ll give him some time, but he’s made good progress and he’ll play a lot.”