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Here’s the official transcript of what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say Thursday, talking about the team’s injury situation and some other topics with the Seahawks getting ready for their preseason opener Friday at 7 p.m. against Denver at CenturyLink Field.

Opening statement:  “As we’re getting to this day before the game, this has been a great camp for the 12s. They have come out in great force, players have been interacting with them all throughout. Just as they’ve always been fantastic, they have been. Yesterday we had to call practice and get indoors because of the storm and all, so disappointing for those people who came out here and wanted to hang with us, but it’s been a great camp to just connect with them. There’s so many kids out here having fun and all that. So I hope we’re all feeling this connection as we start off the first game at CenturyLink [Field]. It’s a big deal for us to start a game here and get playing here. It’s been so crucial to our success playing well at home and connecting with our fans, and the whole experience here, and so we want to do this right. We want to play really well. Everybody’s going to play, but everybody that’s playing is really playing for the same thought as always. We want to play great football here, and execute well and play with great intensity, running real high and hot with the fans and do it the way we like to do it. So it’s exciting to start here.”

On what he is looking for in particular in the preseason game tomorrow: “There’s a million things. We want to see us play fast, the general thing is to see us play fast. I’d like to see these guys play with confidence like they know what they’re doing, and that which they take from all the offseason and the work that we’ve done. That is one of the building blocks, that you’re confident and that you can play fast, we want to see that. That’s always been something that we’re reaching for. It’s the first time we block and tackle full speed, when guys are getting off their feet and knocking guys down, and getting up and coming back and all that kind of stuff. We want to see that all take place. Our guys have practiced so well that I have no thought that they’re not going to get after it. But you still have to get your timing down, and your tackling, and get the feel for that. So the mental side of that part getting ready is important right now to see if they come out like we like. There will be a lot of time focused on the younger guys in this game, they’ll get to play a lot and the second half will really be important for a bunch of guys to show where they are to start. This will be like the first real impression that we have. We have an early impression that doesn’t make any difference right now, because now it’s football time and now we get to see the guys. So I’m really looking forward to that. There’s a million guys, you could ask me about any of them and I’ll tell you something specific.”

On if any player will for sure not play in the first preseason game: “Yes. Yeah, wait and see.”

On how much Russell Wilson will play: “He’s going to play some, we’ll see. It’s not like the great secret of the ages here, but he’ll play some.”

On his philosophy on playing starters in the first preseason game: “I’m going to go play football, and start it off and get ready. As important as anything to me in particular for the first guys is they work to get mentally ready. They start practicing getting ready to play. So them not knowing how much they’re going to play is part of that, and you not knowing how much they play is part of that. I want them to go there and get ready to go, and then we’ll take them out when we take them out. I think there is a real process to getting mentally right to play this game at the level of intensity we expect, and this is the first chance that they really get to prepare in that matter, so we’re going into it. It’s a big deal to us, we’re going to try to play great football in all phases, and it starts with the ones when they get out there first.”

On the importance of special teams in preseason games: “This is huge for us, because we get a chance to see the guys in open field and see them really make their decisions, and see how they take the coaching and the teaching to the game. It will be big for Tyler Lockett in his return opportunities. Hopefully we get some and we’ll give him a chance to return some. Our coverage guys, to get a chance to get real live sense of what these guys are all about and where they come from, we’ll find that out. So it’s huge, and sometimes that’s where their best opportunities are to show themselves.”

On if FB Derrick Coleman will play in the preseason game tomorrow: “We’ll see tomorrow. He’s really close, he practiced full speed today and yesterday. We’ll see if we can get some snaps out of him in the game, we’d like to.”

On Christine Michael contributing during preseason: “He’s going to get a lot of turns, it’s not just one game or one opportunity here throughout the preseason. I’m really anxious to see him. He’s worked really hard to get to this point. He’s in incredible shape. I’d like to see him get out there and keep coming back and keep running and get a feel for the game which he’s been spots played a lot up to this point. I’d like him to get a good sense for it. That’s a really important evaluation for us. We’d like to see how he does, I think he’s doing to do really well. He’s a very explosive player and hopefully we can get him enough opportunities. But it’s not all in one game in the first shot. We’re going to get him all the way in this first month of games.”

On what he needs to do to be on the team: “Play football. I think he’s ready to play ball. He needs to get comfortable. I want to see him get comfortable with the reps and comfortable with the turns and with the success and the tough plays. Just handle it all and keep coming back and keep battling.”

On Kevin Pierre-Louis: “He’s got a shoulder strain and that might keep him out of this game. It looks like it might. He’s had a fantastic camp. He’s been one of the highlight players out here. He does have a little bit of a lack of strength and direction in the shoulder so we’re going to take care of him. At this time we always air on holding guys back and getting a couple more days of recovery and that may come into play, we’ll see tomorrow.”

On Pierre-Louis’ position: “He is a classic (weakside) linebacker. He’s exactly the type of guy you’re looking for in terms of speed and movement and all of that. We’ve been recruiting and drafting for a long time to find a guy that runs 4-4 that can play the linebacker. He’s done a great job. He’s really an exciting player for us.”

On the secondary guys: “We’ve had great battles out here. Our guys have gone after it. So I’m going to tell them, keep playing like we’ve been playing and see what the game bring you. We have a lot of competition going on in the corner spots in particular. The safeties are crucial right now with Earl [Thomas] and Kam [Chancellor] not going so it’s huge for them too. I’m really excited to see the corners go and see what they do. They really take into the style and technique and all that so we’ll see how it carries over. I think they are prepared to play well and I am expecting that.”

On Jesse Williams: “Jesse’s going – we’re going to play Jesse. What a story. He’s never, never hinted that he wouldn’t make it back and get ready. He’s practiced well. We’ll control the number of snaps he plays. He’s going to be out there battling. I think it’s a great tribute to the kid. He’s a real competitor.”

On Richard Sherman: “Sherman’s got a little bit of irritation, hip flexor area so we’re going to tend to that and take care of that and make sure he’s right for the long haul.”

On Will Blackmon: “Will’s got a groin thing that is bothering him a little bit. Real slight, but again those are the kinds of decisions we’ll probably make in favor of holding him out. We’ll see how they are.”

On Nate Boyer: “I’m hoping he’s playing tomorrow night. I’m counting on him playing.”

On Anthony McCoy: “Anthony had a little bit of setback in camp just with the heat that was happening and he’s bounced back and he’s raring to go. I just talked to him this morning about it and he looked great at practice yesterday. He’s feeling good, it’s been a long haul for him. He’s overcome a tremendous amount of setback to get to this point. I’m really excited that he gets a chance to play football again. He’s had a great camp. He looks good. He’s really solid. He’s big and blocking well and catching the ball well so he’ll get significant play time.”

On Tye Smith playing inside and outside corner: “He’ll do both. Yeah, we plan on him doing both in the game.”

On talks with Kam Chancellor: “The conversations are ongoing. John [Schneider] continues to visit with Kam and his representation, and nothing’s changed at this point.”