Before Sunday night, it would have been hard to imagine the Seahawks topping any of their three previous wild finishes through five games this season.

And then they played the Cardinals.

In a game that had it all — including, perhaps, “the play of the century” — the Seahawks’ magic finally disappeared.

For this week, at least.

Cardinals 37, Seahawks 34


One of these days, the Seahawks might play a normal game. Until then, here’s what the national media had to say about the Seahawks’ overtime loss to the Cardinals.

The Ringer’s Rodger Sherman made an apt comparison of DK Metcalf on his wild chase-down play to the Terminator.

Budda Baker is a fast defensive back. He ran a 4.45-second 40-yard dash at the NFL draft combine, making him the fourth-fastest safety in his class. Metcalf gained on him and took him down with ease. He’s faster than fast. Metcalf runs like a Terminator—every stride is efficient and perfect. He is not merely capable of catching Baker. He is designed and programmed to chase down Baker. He runs like if he doesn’t catch Baker, his entire existence will have been pointless.

CBS Sports’ John Breech gave the Seahawks a B grade for what was ultimately a mixed performance.


This loss is going to sting for Seahawks fans, and unless John Schneider has a big trade up his sleeve (or Jamal Adams comes back and fills multiple holes on the defense by himself), Seattle’s defense remains a long-term issue. Arizona walked up and down the field at will. And yet they might even deserve a better grade considering they scored 34 and nearly won a division game on a night Russell Wilson threw three ugly interceptions — a rarity for him. If that is a bad night for Russ (and it was, in key spots), they can rest assured they’ll still be in every game. Lockett was on fire. Carlos Hyde was quietly solid in place of Chris Carson. It was really ugly, and again, the loss hurts. But Wilson still showed so, so much in an entertaining shootout.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell believes the Seahawks need to find a pass rush — and soon.

Among the teams with a clear and obvious shot at winning the Super Bowl, none have a more obvious weakness than the Seahawks do with their pass rush. They rank 29th in the league in both sack rate and pressure rate. They look better by ESPN’s pass rush win rate metric, but in Week 7, their 20% PRWR was the worst of any team in the league. Pete Carroll’s defense failed to sack or even knock down Murray as a passer once across 48 dropbacks. By the end of the game, the Seattle front seven was running on fumes as Murray and Chase Edmonds ran around them. The Cardinals, meanwhile, were able to heat up Wilson with sim pressures late in the game, preventing the MVP favorite from delivering the knockout blow. Seattle has just $3.7 million in cap room, but in a year in which Wilson is playing out of his mind, it has so much to gain from solidifying that pass rush.

Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski wrote that the Seahawks’ epic collapse revealed their major flaw in the NFC race.

Half of the Seattle Seahawks roster is very good and worthy of being discussed as a legitimate Super Bowl contender. The other half is an utter disgrace that hinders confidence in the franchise’s ability to contend against the league’s best squads, including the rest of the NFC West. The Jekyll and Hyde nature of the team is easily identifiable by which side of the ball is on the field. Quarterback Russell Wilson and the offense continue to play exceptionally well. … The defense, on the other hand, continues to disappoint at every possible turn.

USA Today’s Lorenzo Reyes said the Seahawks let a big opportunity slip away.


They’re a solid team, one of the best in the NFL. But in a 37-34 overtime loss against the Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks let a chance to create even more separation in the NFC West slip through their hands. … This was Seattle’s first loss of the season. It should still be poised for a playoff run. But Wilson ceded ground in the MVP race, and the Seahawks will now have to work a little harder to win the division, as the 49ers and Cardinals are improving as the season wears on.

ESPN’s Brady Henderson wrote that the Seahawks’ defense left Russell Wilson with no margin for error.

With as leaky as their defense has been, the Seahawks needed Russell Wilson to play near-perfect football for most of their 5-0 start. On Sunday night, they found out what happens when he doesn’t. Wilson had plenty of brilliant moments but also three bad ones in the Seahawks’ overtime loss to Arizona. That exceeded a narrow margin for error thanks to the Seahawks’ defense allowing 519 yards and not getting so much as an official hit on Kyler Murray. Wilson tossed two interceptions in regulation and a third in overtime to set up the Cardinals’ game-winning field goal. … Of their last 22 regular-season games, 17 have been decided by one score. The Seahawks were living on the edge so much that they were bound to fall over it eventually.