The Seahawks did what they had to do in blowing out the Rams on Thursday night to wrap up the NFC West title, but there are issues.

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In the end, the Seahawks did exactly what they were supposed to do: They blew out the Rams, and they wrapped up the NFC West, and they gave themselves a chance to still claim the No. 2 seed.

But the offense didn’t exactly click, and the defense was greatly helped by the ineptitude of the Rams’ offense, and most significantly of all, the Seahawks watched defensive end Michael Bennett and punter Jon Ryan walk into the locker room during the game. Both were evaluated for concussions.

Those are two important players for the Seahawks, particularly Bennett and the value of his versatility along the defensive line.

It’s hard to know what to make of this game because it was a strange and sloppy and chaotic game. The Seahawks won comfortably, but it didn’t feel comfortable. The offense played better, but they didn’t play well. The defense held the Rams to three points, but they should have allowed more if the Rams weren’t so bad on offense.

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It felt like this was what the Seahawks needed, just not exactly the way they needed it.