Editor’s note: Seattle Times reporter Bob Condotta participated in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” — a question-and-answer session also known as an AMA — Tuesday afternoon. Here is a selection of the best interactions. Click here to read the full collection.

Question: Welcome, Bob! How do you think the Seahawks will do this season, and with their moves over the past year do you feel that the team is trending in the right direction? Thanks for doing this.

Answer: I picked 10-6 for Seattle in the paper before the season, and I’m not going to let one game sway me in either direction. The Seahawks have had some pretty rough looking openers through the years, especially on offense. Any time you have a QB like Russell Wilson you have a chance. Of all that happened Sunday, the ultimate difference again was that Seattle had a QB who made the plays when he had to and didn’t make any critical mistakes. That’s what so many NFL games come down to.

Q: Which new Seahawk player are you most excited for this season?

A: DK Metcalf. That was a pretty astonishing debut the other day, really, considering that he only played one preseason game. I was one who thought he might have to be eased into things a little bit. But he looked like a number one receiver right out of the gate.

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Q: Was Justin Britt’s poor performance or Tedric Thompson’s poor play more concerning to you?


A: Thompson’s is a little more concerning because he has yet to really prove he can produce on a consistent level. Britt got hurt early in the game and also had a really tough matchup. I think Cincy’s DTs are a lot better than people think.

Q: Where do you see this franchise going after the Pete Carroll era?

A: Boy, that’s 3-4-5 years down the road. I really have no idea, to be honest. I think Russell Wilson will still be the QB, though.

Q: Assuming John Schneider outlasts Pete Carroll, do you envision a situation in which Schneider gets to decide the next head coach?

A: I do. That’s an interesting thing, too. The Seahawks sort of did it backward last time of hiring a coach who then helped hire the GM. So, Schneider is a rare sitting GM who has never hired a head coach. I’m sure he’d enjoy the challenge.

Q: How serious were the Seahawks on Antonio Brown?

A: I don’t think there was any chance, to be serious. I think it was apparent immediately he was going to New England. So, basically, Seattle had nothing to think about. It’s like (Seattle Times reporter Ryan) Divish’s attempts to date Anna Kendrick. He’d be serious if she was. But, well, you know…


Q: Favorite year for Seattle sports? Or second-favorite if the answer is the Hawks’ SB (which it better be).

A: 1995. The Mariners did what they did and Seattle hosted a Final Four, which was really cool. There was the amazing day when UW hosted Notre Dame in football for the first time in almost 40 years during the day and then the Mariners played the Yankees in Game 4 of the ALDS that night. Plus, the Sonics that year began what would turn out to be their best season ever from a regular-season won-lost standpoint. There seemed to be something cool going on all the time.

Q: Are there any members of the Seahawks coaching staff you’d like to highlight as having potential to move up the ranks, either to a coordinator position or as a head coach someday?

A: Andre Curtis sort of already is a coordinator in a way, as he is the team’s defensive passing-game coordinator. But I’d say him first. And then maybe Dave Canales on offense.

Q: What is your opinion on the play-calling this year? I know it’s early, but a lot of fans blamed last year’s loss to the Cowboys on poor play-calling, sticking with the run for too long, and mostly not adapting to the defense. Many thought this offseason would change things, but noticed a lot of the same on Sunday.

A: To me the run-pass ratio was more than fine. They wanted to pass Sunday — go back and look at the early play calls. But Cincy was sacking Wilson left and right, so they had to adjust. I detailed thoughts on the running game aspect of it above. They admittedly were stubborn in thinking they’d be able to blow them off the ball — and that it would happen eventually if they just kept trying. But they never did.

Q: Hey, Bob! What was the craziest piece of Seahawks news that you’ve ever had to break?

A: The Percy Harvin trade because of what a surprise it was and the timing — we’d just talked to Carroll for his final news conference of the week and the team boarded a plane to St. Louis and then the news of the trade broke. Basically, everyone you wanted to try to talk to about it was flying.

Q: With Jodi Allen taking over ownership duties in place of Paul (and considering Pete’s age and contract), do you see any major changes to the management of the team in the near future — i.e., a push to sell the team, relocate? A doubling down on efforts to win another championship? A refocus on profit over quality football?

A: The first parts of those questions have been answered. They announced in the spring a reorganization of the ownership, that it is now in a trust and Jody Allen is the head of the trust. So that’s all set.

As for the rest, I don’t foresee any changes in anything. As I tweeted over the weekend, Jody Allen approved the use of a private plane so they could get Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle as quickly as possible last weekend. I think she will run it similarly to her brother. Also, the way the NFL cap works, teams have to spend a certain amount but can’t spend more than that. There is obviously some leeway in how to dole out bonuses and stuff like that. But Seattle always did what it took under Paul Allen. I don’t see any change in that.