Seahawks players were glad to see Kam Chancellor end a 54-day holdout and return to the team Wednesday.

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As the days of Kam Chancellor’s holdout turned into weeks turned months, many around the NFL began to wonder how his teammates would greet him if the day came that the returned to the team.

That day finally arrived Wednesday, when Chancellor returned after 54 days holding out in hopes of a new contract.

And if there was a discouraging word about it all, it wasn’t heard in the Seahawks’ locker room, where players said they were simply glad he was back.

Chancellor began texting teammates early Wednesday morning to tell them he was returning. They then saw it with their own eyes when Chancellor attended meetings and a morning walk-through before hitting the field for the afternoon practice.

Kam Chancellor returns

“Everybody welcomed him with open arms,” said middle linebacker Bobby Wagner. “We were excited to have him back. Like he said, we picked up like he never left.”

Did anybody have an issue with Chancellor sitting out two games his team lost and then returning as if nothing had changed?

“If Donald Trump is not an issue, Kam Chancellor is not an issue,” said defensive lineman Michael Bennett.

It was that kind of day, with the good vibes from Chancellor’s return momentarily wiping away the reality of an 0-2 start.

Bennett said the idea that anyone on the team might resent Chancellor for his holdout is, basically, ridiculous.

“Why would you resent him?’’ Bennett asked back. “I don’t understand why, if you are a true teammate, you don’t resent your teammates when they make decisions. A true teammate just comforts his teammate in a hostile environment and makes sure that we care about him.’’

Bennett said he talked to Chancellor often through the holdout and greeted him warmly when he returned Wednesday.

Asked what they talked about, Bennett said he asked Chancellor “how was your day. Did you get a dog?’’

As for what they talked about during the holdout, Bennett said he advised Chancellor “just take your time and do what you’ve got to do. At the end of the day it’s a business decision and just hoping he makes the right one.’’

As the holdout wore on many contrasted the stances of Bennett and Chancellor. Bennett is also unhappy with his contract, which like Chancellor’s also has three years remaining. But after admitting that he considered holding out, Bennett reported and by all accounts has played as well as ever so far this season.

Bennett, though, said he didn’t begrudge that Chancellor held out while he reported.

“People were trying to play us against each other,’’ Bennett said. “I just think people wanted something to talk about and make a reason why I’m here and he’s not here’’

Another who was happy to see Chancellor was the man who stepped in for him as the starter at strong safety through most of training camp and the first game of the season against the Rams, Dion Bailey.

Chancellor will step back into that role now, likely against the Bears Sunday.

Now that he is back, Chancellor can mentor Bailey again in person.

Bailey said he talked to Chancellor almost every day of the holdout.

“That’s just the type of person he is,’’Bailey said. “Even when business is in the way of football, he still finds a way to help others reach their success. Kam is real big on wanting to see everyone else succeed, not just himself. That speaks volumes to the type of person he is. I’m really glad to have him back in building.’’

Bailey said Chancellor’s words were particularly meaningful after the loss to the Rams, when Bailey fell down to allow a tying touchdown in the final minute.

“He told me I played my butt off, football things are going to happen,’’ Bailey said of what Chancellor told him following that game. “Don’t worry about things that could happen to anybody. From him watching and knowing our schemes, he said I played my butt off. There was a few things I could have done better, but it was nothing major. He was very positive with feedback after the game. ‘’

Bailey took the defeat hard and said talking to Chancellor helped him move on.

“In a sense, to hear him reconfirm that it wasn’t the end of the world for me, and I actually played well, it was relieving, I guess, 24 hours after I was able to get over the whole situation,’’ he said. “Everything was positive. It was good for my confidence.’’

Now that Chancellor is back, Wagner said the team can begin the heavy lifting of getting back on top of the NFC West.

“We’re glad to have him back,” Wagner said. “But we were excited to get in front of the 12s and get this season rolling in the right direction.”