The Seahawks and Golden Tate didn't say much in response to Percy Harvin's comments over the weekend about his time in Seattle.

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While Percy Harvin unloaded a few more barbs on former Seattle teammates over the weekend, those at the receiving end have largely decided to stay out of the fray.

Golden Tate, who Harvin lumped with Doug Baldwin in saying that they were “acting like kids” and jealous of him during his time in Seattle, was largely diplomatic in comments made to reporters in Detroit today. Tate and Baldwin each had fights with Harvin before Harvin was traded by the Seahawks last October.

As reported by ESPN and other outlets, Tate said he was surprised by the comments and that he didn’t feel threatened by Harvin in Seattle.

“Once he came to the Seahawks, actually, [general manager] John Schneider called me and Pete Carroll called me and told me it wasn’t going to affect my role,” Tate said, as quoted by ESPN. “So I left it at that. There was never any jealousy on my end. I was excited to get him on the field with us. I think his role in Seattle and my role in Seattle were different, so there was no need for me to be jealous.”

That statement jibes with what Tate told the Seattle Times in June, 2013 when Tate admitted to having some initial concern about the trade but said after talking with Schneider and Carroll that he understood how it could work.

“I’m excited about it,’’ Tate said then. “I like the way the offense is playing out to use him. … I’m excited to see how creative our offensive coordinators and receivers and coaches can get.’’

FWIW, Tate was then entering the final year of his contract and understood that the trade for Harvin greatly reduced the chances of his staying in Seattle (as obviously ended up being the case) while also potentially impacting his role during what would be a contract season.

But with Harvin rarely available to practice — he was on the PUP list at the beginning of the season — and playing just one game, Tate was able to lead the Seahawks in receiving and sign a five-year deal worth $31 million with Detroit.

As for the Seahawks, Carroll declined to comment on it today during an interview with Peter King of and Jarrett Bell of USA Today, who got a private interview after practice today with the coach. As King reported, Carroll said “you’re not going to hear us talk about that.”

As for Baldwin, he talked about Harvin earlier in camp when Harvin made similar — if less incriminating — comments in an ESPN interview, but like Tate avoided throwing gas on the fire.

“I mean I honestly didn’t know he felt that way. I thought we had squashed it before he had left,” Baldwin said then. “I’ve got no hard feelings toward him and and I wish him the best in Buffalo.’’