Take in the sights and sounds of the Seahawks' thrilling 31-24 win over the Patriots on Sunday in New England.

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Some games are simply too good to forget about.

While it’d be all too easy for Seahawks fans to look ahead to Sunday’s home game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s hard to ignore the awesomeness of the week that was.

NFL fans, that’s the game you’ve been waiting for. Seahawks fans, that’s the game you’ve been dreaming about since Feb. 1, 2015.

So, on this Wednesday afternoon, let’s sit back in our office chairs, ignore those spreadsheets for a few minutes, and bask in the sounds and sights from Seattle’s thrilling 31-24 win over New England in Foxborough.

This Inside The NFL video takes you onto the sidelines, the field and in the locker room during Sunday’s win. One moment of particular interest came on Russell Wilson’s touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin just before halftime. Wilson scrambled and appeared to have no options, so Pete Carroll shouted, “Throw it away!”¬†Wilson opted to throw it into the end zone — a decision Carroll ended up being just fine with.

Here’s the full video: